Tool analyzes your personality type based on your Tweets

Does it weight for narcissism?

Since nobody seems to have posted this yet:

it means you are an antisocial psychopath

oh, good. i was worried that i completely lacked a personality.


I also got spacey valley girl, but the strangest part was that it told me I had only tweeted 25 words and it needed at least 50. Last I checked the number of words I have tweeted was zero.

Did you mouse over the terms it uses? That at least gives a brief description of what it’s using to assess these.

I came out with High scores only in Distant and Analytical, which are dead on. The others seemed fairly accurate as well. Of course, I’ve been a member since 2008 and have a total of 27 tweets, so small sample size, etc.

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Given I was on a mobile device, no.

(Which is exactly why this kind of UI element is a design fail – it sucks for accessibility, and sucks for those who aren’t using traditional desktop computer navigation.)



If you have no tweets, you don’t exist for this thing, I guess.

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