This twitter tool will temporarily mute accounts of people who use words you are sick of

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Please apply that to every tweet from the Angry Cheeto.


But wut about my freedumz-o-speech?


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[quote]We keep track here of who you’ve muted via this tool, so you can check in and see how it’s going if you want.[/quote]And of course one will. The temptation is overwhelming. “You thought you were clever when you decided you never wanted to hear about this again, didn’t you? Don’t you want to validate your opinion and revel in the awfulness of all that stuff you’ve excluded? Sweet, sweet validation! Go on, check in!”

The much better solution is to just stop using Twitter entirely, methinks. Why this does not seem to be a more popular notion, I do not understand.


Are you blocking Deep Sea News on porpoise?


…mute anyone who uses the words “cuck,” “woo,” “dank,” “kek,” or “lit.”

I know what… some of those mean. I feel old.

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Exactly. I immediately thought of adding “a”, “e”, “i”, “o”, and “u”; problem solved!

I’ve got a not-app that mutes everything on Twitter. Not having Twitter, in other words. Now if I could just find a way to mute all the other sources of inane gibbering…


surprised that Mark has so many Hordie-playing people on twitter commenting on his tweets.

i want this in Tweetbot. i almost never go to my feed ON the twitter website, so this is kinda useless for me.


Your freedom to speak is not an obligation on anyone else to listen.

Now we need to extend this to other social media forums, blogs, and so on, where tweets might appear as well.

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I could do without seeing the word Trump for a while.


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What a dank tool!


Seems like a terrible idea. I understand the appeal of not hearing the word “cuck” for a while, but is a single word worth blocking out someone completely? What if it used in quote? Or in a negation? This tool creates the ultimate bubble, it’s self-censorship at its worst. What is it with the fear of words these days? If you are afraid of words, what are you doing on the internet anyway? Go watch TV, that has been cleaned up properly so no square, bore, or other non-thinking person might ever get offended.

On a side note, if I used Twitter, I’d be tempted to see if I could temporarily block myself I imagine the tool has gone through enough testing to stop that from happening though.

Just as I had nearly completed my plan to woo Nancy Kek, by luring her into my dank apartment under the pretense of a discussion of Slovenian lit., we were suddenly interrupted by my neighbor’s rooster crying, “Cuck-a-doodle-doo!"

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Does that mean you’ll inadvertently be muting anyone who says “wooden,” “Gedankenexperiment,” “Brutalist cuckoo clocks,” or “littoral combat ship?”

I couldn’t come up with anything legit for kek



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