Top 3 Reasons to Build a Website with Wix

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What an unfortunate name, i hope they rename their service if they ever start advertising in germany :laughing:

“Wix”/“Wichs” roughly translates to “jerking off” so i had a good laugh reading the headlines of those paragraphs.

I guess it’s true for some sites that “jerking off” helps you get site traffic.

Anyways, not looking for a website builder atm, but the article gave me a good laugh and i’m still chuckling. Keep up the good work BoingBoing.


I’ll give you one good reason not to: From what I’ve seen, it (and Squarespace) generates pages in a way that neither supports graceful degradation or progressive enhancement, they are reliant on JavaScript to display everything. You can also greatly speed up your page loads for customers by limiting the amount of JavaScript junk on your site. This has the greatest effect on those competing-to-be-thinnest battery powered screens everyone is gazing into these days.


It’s why Vick’s coughdrops are Wick in Germany as well!

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