Top games of 2016

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Stardew Valley is freakin’ great. :slight_smile:


I preferred when it was a group discussion:

However, the McElroys make some terrific media:

Save you some time if you just want the titles…

[spoiler]Stardew Valley


The Witness

Fire Emblem Fates

Hyper Light Drifter[/spoiler]


Fairly casual gamer here, but I’ve put more hours into Stardew Valley than I have any other game…ever? Probably? Other than maybe Minecraft, back in the day. I’m up to having sunk just over 200 hours into it, surpassing my Skyrim hours spent by at least 30-40. It’s fucking delightful, and feeds my cutesy systems optimization hunger just perfectly. Like the game was made for me. I think it’s only $10 on Steam right now, which is well worth it if you like this sort of game (like Harvest Moon meets Animal Crossing meets OG Zelda).

Even bought the phenomenal guidebook, with fantastic illustrations by Kari Fry - and even sprung for the adorable coloring book. Never come across a game guide or tie-in book that comes quite close to the level of awesome that I’ve found in this book. Though, to be fair, I don’t really buy stuff related to games I play, so this is a first. Actually, I’ve got a kale and cauliflower crop to go take care of now, so, if you’ll excuse me…


Yep, Stardew Valley is $9.99 on Steam right now. The rest of my wishlist is also on sale, and I already have a bunch of stuff I have yet to play. But cheap gaaaaaaames . . . damn you, Steam :tired_face:


Does Prison Architect count as a game of 2016? It only made it to 1.0 this year. I’ve had a bit of a play but not had the time to dig into it properly.

Two of my favorite games this year were Quadrilateral Cowboy, and Inside.

Stardew Valley is fantastic. The amount of care that was put into the game is so evident.

I found myself playing way too much Glittermitten Grove last night. Actually playing it, I haven’t even gotten to the other thing yet.

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Darkest Dungeon released in 2016 and still gets my vote, I’ve easily put the most hours into that game this year. The excellent early access sort of makes it a 2015 game, but the amount of incredible support given to this game and attention to detail to scale the difficulty without taking away the experience cannot be overstated. I look forward to the soon to come DLC, which will bring in a Van-Hellsing inspired hero and new locations involving vampires.

I should play Stardew Valley again. Loved it.

Just don’t overthink the life messages. I married Alex, the wannabe football (or whatever it’s called there) star. So he moves in with me, does all the chores, cooks breakfast and says that he occasionally still looks at his football and feels a bit sad. Jesus.

The villagers in general are pretty hilarious though, once you figure out what they like. I maxed out my relation to the music dude by giving him an egg twice a week. People sure a grateful there.


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Does anyone have a recommended party/multiplayer video game? I’m going to be in a house with a bunch of board game nerds this weekend and it might be fun to break out electronic gaming.

Nope. This is my one and only account. If I’m snarky or an asshole, that’s all on me. I try not to be be one though. Sorry if I come across badly.

Oh sorry, I wasn’t seriously accusing you of anything. Your post above just had a touch of surrealism to it, at least for one not familiar with that particular game.

Flossy’s posts have much more than a touch of surrealism.


No worries.

Naturally, if you don’t know a game well, topics about it seem a bit weird.

I don’t mind being seen as a touch surrealistic though, teehee.


Any of the Jackbox Party Packs. You just need to own one copy of the game and each of your players needs access to a smartphone/tablet/PC/other device capable of web-browsing.


This game is either relationship affirming or destroying. It’s great, but don’t play it with a four-year-old if you actually want to win.