The 20 games you shouldn't miss in 2016

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Hey, Brandon!

I’ve enjoyed playing Adam Saltsman’s (Canabalt, Hundreds) new game, Overland. Still in early release though - I’ve been jumping in and out occasionally seeing it improve as they work on it. A turn based survival game. Originally had some of the look of KR0 but that’s been tweaked a bit recently. Lots of fun. I love the new nighttime bits they’ve recently added.

Speaking of KR0, I do love it, although Act IV was a bit too much on rails for me, I preferred the previous acts.

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Yay, Brandon! :heart:

Thanks for the excellent list, Added a few to my “to play” list. :slight_smile:

Lots of interesting options. “Kentucky Route Zero” finally has enough chapters for me to dive in. “The Last Guardian,” however, is definitely not for me:


The Witness. It’s not a perfect game, but it’s as close to one as I’ve ever played.

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Earth Defense Force really is the equivalent of watching a bad movie for video games. More so even than something like Deadly Premonition where the game is terrible but just interesting because it is so bizarre, EDF has fun over the top action and weaponry that is just silly as you fight giant bugs. The mechanics and action and random cheers from soldiers make a much more enjoyable experience with a fundamentally bad game than any other.

Beglitched was great too. I keep forgetting about it.

Is having to scroll past this entire thing to get to the next article my punishment for using the blog view? Why :sob:


I still really want to play Shenzhen I/O from Zachtronics. It’s basically a game where you slap together modules and then code them to do crap, and is more or less what people do for a living, but I loved Spacechem (recursive algorithms masquerading as a chemical engineering plant) and TIS-100 (a puzzle game that literally involves shifting numbers between registers using assembly code) so how could I go wrong?

Alas, I blew all my gaming money on synthesizers.


Do you work?

I’ve been enjoying Dishonored 2 and Subnautica.

My only gripe with Quadrilateral Cowboy is that it’s disappointingly short. I would have loved to have had another mission or two.

Inside is of similar length but it does a better job of letting you play with everything you’ve learned.

I wonder how long it will take for someone to pull a Kobayashi Maru on Orchids to Dust?

No Man’s Sky has gotten a lot of bad press from folks who expected one thing but got another, but I hope more people discover what a lovely, rich, beautiful game it is. Infinite space exploration, discovering cultures, space battles, Minecraft-esque building… it’s pretty great.


I’ve heard that the space battles are kind of garbage, and doesn’t base building run counter to the point of exploration?

No Man’s Sky is going to go down in history as a classic case of over-promising and under-delivering. They said just enough to get imaginations running wild and did little to nothing in the way of tempering expectations.

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The space battles are pretty fun, and no, having a base to take off from and go explore has worked really well.

And yes, I’m aware that public perception of the game was different from what was originally delivered. They’re adding on to it quite a lot and, as someone who’s actually played it, I’m saying I enjoy it for what it is. “Hey, that thing you say you like? I hear it sucks!” is such a charming way to offer opinions.


Alas, currently brings up a “post coming soon” notice, and nothing further seems to be found in any of the menus, so I guess we really can’t expect to see much more about it.

Eh… best case the developers heavily implied there would be multiplayer on launch and there just wasn’t with no communication when/if it would be added.

While their communication with customers has been lousy, quite honestly, I’m not sure why they ever promised multiplayer, as No Man’s Sky is a fundamentally non-multiplayer game. It’s all about solo exploration. I think not running into people who’ve named their planet Foreskin Prime or something is a feature.

Firewatch was on sale, and I just finished it - that was a hell of thing. Thank you.

Any recommendations for other games, for someone who really enjoyed Firewatch?

It also has a remarkably engaging version of solitaire in it, which they’ve since released separately. I am a sucker for a Zachlike.