Top NY Court says towns can ban fracking


cue the cavalcade of concerned conservatives, questioning the idea of local rule, now that it is convenient.


Sounds to me as if the drilling companies have not done enough to share the wealth.

Surely there are some city council members whose childrens’ college funds could use a boost. It’s the American way!!


Now that I have two producing gas wells on my property (where I own the mineral rights), I’m thinking of becoming an anti-fracking activist.

Seems reasonable that putting 5-10 percent of my royalties into discouraging production anywhere else would be money well spent. If it works for the Saudis, why not me??

Have you considered forming a well regulated militia?


“This morning’s ruling from New York State’s highest court, holding that towns can ban fracking in city limits, is a huge setback for petrocratic rule.”

So which is it – city or town?  In the State of New York, the terms “city” and “town” are not synonymous.  A city can be located inside of a town, or it can even overlap the boundaries of two or more towns.  The towns form a contiguous web extending across the entire state while cities are independent corporate entities that are not necessarily contiguous and may be widely separated.

Towns respond by not passing any such laws, in deference to the people more important than humans.

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