'Frack U., Mexico!,' a parody video on natural gas fracksploitation


Because we all know that the best way to prevent corruption, fraud, waste, abuse, unsafe practices and pollution is with monopolies. Why, without Pemex to be the shining example for all the rest of the oil industry to emulate, who will we look to for best practices, cutting edge equipment and work practices, environmental leadership?

Well I am mexican and those shale natural gas deposits most likely is on private land owned by mexican land owners. I already checked and found out that mexican government owns and will control resources under soil, but mexican land owner will have final say in allowing or not digging on his/her property after the company with a license to exploit the shale natural gas deposits offers money. So Mexican Land Owner has final say into whether allowing fracking or not on his/her property. Mexicans have winery, cattle ranching, tequila business on their land and I don’t think mexicans would want their properits and businesses destroyed.

You also have to note that how the right wing media such as Lou Dobbs, Michelle Malkin, Glen Beck were really making a mockery of Mexico with “failed state” that we are going to collapse? And then americans passing out fliers along the border don’t visit Mexico and the propoganda hyping up the violence. Mexican policians are very aware of all that negative propoganda towards Mexico.

A wonderful, over-the-top but still deadly accurate video in the ongoing saga of the US fucking over Mexico. The best part is that our star’s name means “I fuck you” in Spanish.

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