Racist fracking aficionado fired after video posted to YouTube


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Not for racist online comments but

Should I be glad or appalled that we live in an era where what you do on your own time in a place that has nothing to do with your work will cost you your job?

I’m not sure that this was a good thing, as much as the guy is clearly a raging asshole.


That ought to make him a real hit at the unemployment office.

Also: as always, avoid reading the YouTube comments. For some reason there are always many who assume that people who stage public protests are unemployed losers living off your tax dollars because otherwise they’d all surely be at work right now. (Why that logic doesn’t apply to the man harassing the protesters is beyond me.)


Who’s going to be milking the tax dollars now?


Frak those fraking racists.


Oh crap. I looked at the comments Ray.


I heard he’s less of a fracking supporter and more an earthquake enthusiast.


I wonder if he’s gonna blame Obama for getting fired?


Hey, he’s the one who kept bringing his employment status into the conversation. It’s hard to blame them for not appreciating said affiliation.


Why is it always the mumble-mouthed dough-boys who are so proud of their ‘race’ while being the worst representation of it?



Pennsylvania is probably an at-will employment state.


Being proud of your race probably seems more attractive if you are scraping the bottom of the barrel a bit when it comes to things of which to be proud.


The statement on their blog page ends abruptly; the final sentence is “Whether at work or not, we do not” and then just ends. Pity… the rest of their statement as given in the writeup sounded good.


Sure but I’m not asking if his employer had the legal right to terminate him.

I’m asking if folks should be pleased that we live in an era where you conduct on your own time that has nothing to do with your work will get you fired if people find out about it. That doesn’t necessarily strike me as a thing to celebrate. It’s one thing to fire your PR guy if he causes you negative PR. It’s another to fire, say, your janitor, because you found out he’s an Illinois Nazi on the weekends.

People do lots of stupid or questionable shit on their own time. Hell, people morally disapprove of lots of things. Should my friend get fired for leading the local Leather Association if his employer finds out because this is a big slippery slope.

Pretty soon we’re back the era that at least one friend of mine, who was gay in the 50s and 60s, lived through where he used assumed names so to hide who he was when going out to gay clubs because of what would happen if folks found out (like losing his job).

Just because the behavior in this case was reprehensible doesn’t make it ok to fire someone in general for being a douche on their own time.




Fool! They’re worse than comments on here!


Especially since you know ‘They!’ are keeping you down and preventing you from practicing Christianity and keeping you poor and so on and so forth…


Well, his employer needs community goodwill to keep its customers, and having the guy who became a YouTube star for harassing people with a racist rant is probably pretty bad for business. So unless his workplace is unionized (doubtful) he’s an employee at will, and can be fired for any reason. Making yourself a liability for your employer in a society without strong worker protections is a pretty bad idea.


I don’t think I’ve ever worked in a non-“at will” employment state.

So, apparently, the rule of thumb is “don’t get caught doing stupid, unpopular, or asshole things on your own time because losing your job is the result.”

That strikes me as a shitty standard for society. Don’t you agree?