Bigot Fired




What’s Duck Dynasty? What’s A&E?




Yep, I think A&E was once an arts and entertainment channel, time must have changed things.


if it’s a “reality” show, aren’t his personal beliefs the beliefs of the show?


That’s despicable!


He’s just saying what the good book says.

Is it because hes a terrible person?

I think its because religion is bullshit.


Can’t it be both?


A “reality” show where people aren’t supposed to say what they really believe? However offensive his remarks are isn’t this show an exercise in bigoted redneck-bashing? I imagine the whole thing was staged to generate controversy and reinforce the show’s fundamental premise of Southern whites being backwards louts.

There is nothing “real” about these shows; they are carefully edited and manipulated to create a particular impression. The impression created says more about the producers of the show than its amateur actors.


Progress, yes. We have this prophecy we call Armageddon and the USA is prominently absent. The country must collapse and become helpless before then. One would not want to be found resisting the prophecy.

If that’s what you call progress, well, we got it!


Why is he being fired - the show is about a rich, outspoken, redneck family who are very obviously strong Christians. Does anyone who watches the show think that they are going to be in anyway liberal or open minded? I may not share their religion, agree with their views on almost, everything especially homosexuality, or understand the lifestyle, but it’s that contrast that makes it fun to watch late at night when there isn’t a decent documentary on (ok yes I do know that it’s mostly set up).

You shouldn’t fire people for being themselves especially if that (however bigoted) is what you signed up for.


Ummm are people really shocked by this? You are watching a show full of backwoods conservative Christians. Guess what that Mormon guy on TLC with the 800 wives, he hates gays also, shocking I know.

It’s amazing how many of these shows are filled with hardcore Christians. Jon and Kate conservative Christians. The Roloffs from Little People Big World, conservative Christians. All of them make money doing church speaking tours.

At least this guy was stupidly honest.


Hey lets fire all those Amish fuckers that have been getting shows lately.


How is it possible that there’s a reality show about inbred rednecks hitting themselves in the nuts that isn’t on “Discovery”?


It’s not like they’d have any way of knowing their show had been cancelled anyway.


Oh that’s all fine and good, but then he ran afoul of the Shinto lobby, and well, you know how they control everything in Washington.


I was gonna say… “who cares?”, but I guess a lot of people do.
For my part, I don’t have time to watch TV, much less reality shows, much less those who celebrate rednecks.
Fuck Duck Dynasty and everything like it.


Wait, there was already an Ender’s Game movie? Man, I’ve elevated to the level of unconscious boycott!


Man, I wish Ender’s Game had been just a bit better- or that it had sucked worse. It was just kind of meh. For all the controversy about profit points to the author, It stood on its own as a work of art- just not very tall.


It stands for “A-yup!” and “EEEE-Hawwww!”