A&E calls off "Duck Dynasty" hiatus


Too much money to be had to quit.


A&E merchandising director: “There’s too damn much Duck Dynasty merchandise sitting on the shelves”
A&E president/CEO/grand poobah: “‘Fire’ one of those fake hillbillies. That should do the trick.”
2 weeks later…
A&E merchandising director: “Shelves clear!”
A&E president/CEO/grand poobah: “Hurry up and hire him back. The new season is starting soon and we need the rubes to forget all about this before we try to get the advertisers back on board.”


I will… um… continue to not watch the show.


Even the hillbilly aspect is 100% reality TV bullshit.


He’s terrible because he knows it gets him ratings and hatemongers are extremely loyal consumers in the face of a changing world. Sure, they should still fire the guy, but they never will.

I suppose the best we can do to kill off these reality shows is to demand a la carte cable. Nobody’s going to pay for these shows alone.


I watched this show for the very first time (of course i had heard about it, but not seen) after reading about their suspension on BB & other sites. The episode i watched was the last episode to air before the suspension, it was christmas-themed.

I’ve watched keeping up with the kardashians. And ‘kourtney and khloe’. New real world & teen mom too. I’m not afraid to out myself because i don’t want to seem like some internet-hater when i say: duck dynasty was the stupidest f*cking thing i’ve ever seen. I barely made it through the episode.

First of all, the first 10mins of the show was an ad for WalMart. The most blatant advertising i’ve ever seen on a show like this, which was pretty distrubing considering how many people identify with the show as a ‘lifestyle’. The rest of the plot was the duck-dynasty-men learning their lines for the local christmas-play. Watching these guys was painful (as if they immediately snap into acting like bud-light commercial characters once a camera is around) & i wondered who thought it was a good idea to put them on TV? They are not good in front of a camera which you think would be requirement #1?!?!

The episode ended in a clearly staged pig-hunt, where 2 pigs were killed for no reason (ostensibly christmas dinner, but im with their A&E money this ‘family’ is eating something else!)


Both decisions were reasonable. I’d personally go with the reasonable decision that’s going to make me more money.

We’re all very glad to know that you support hatespeech if it made you a buck, but you could probably appear less proud of that crassness.


It’s all been a shrewd marketing ploy leading up to this season’s shocking revelation that a member of the Duck Dynasty family is gay!


Any time I even look at listings for this channel it is a 10 hour marathon of Duck Dynasty or Storage Wars.

No surprise the trashiest station on TV would rather continue to promote bigotry than lose their lowest common denominator viewer base


I was going to boycott the show but I would have to start watching it to stop watching it.


Man, I miss the days when A&E had things that were artsy or entertaining.


I’d happily boycott A&E, but they still produce one show worth watching - ‘Longmire’. What’s a Katee Sackhoff fan to do?

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Amazon sells “Gone with the Wind” which is clearly racist in parts. Isn’t that just as bad as A&E airing Duck Dynasty?

Wah? They didn’t always look like their now public persona?

You mean Marylin Manson was just a dorky kid into D&D before he became the angel of death?

Next thing you’ll tell me is the Insane Clown Posse aren’t even clowns. http://metalinjection.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Insane-Clown-Posse-without-makeup-unmasked.jpg


No, it isn’t.

Gone with the Wind gets more of a pass because it was both made and set in a time when that kind of bigotry was acceptable.

Also Amazon didn’t produce Gone with the Wind, or have anything to do with the production, whereas A&E has basically everything to do with the production and selling of Duck Dynasty and its associated merchandise.


Yeah, but in my personal opinion there is a big difference between putting on an obvious stage persona…

…and being a yuppy millionaire pretending to be a redneck hick and lying about your past and who you are in a “reality” tv show. The first is showmanship, the second is preying on and deceiving those stupid enough to watch, and blatant bigotry towards the group of people they are pretending to be. at least i see a huge difference. your millage may vary.


Wait wait - because they one time dressed differently, they are a complete fraud when they dress the way they do now? Are they no longer red necks or hicks because they took some nice photos once?

Looking at the photos in the before mentioned link, it looks like they all took themed family photos. Hey - lets all dress up in khakis and white shirts, or denim, or Christmas sweaters, or Star Trek uniforms. A lot of people get dressed up a little bit for their family photos - it’s not something they wear all the time. IIRC the sons worked later in life for the company, so they probably couldn’t show up to work look like shit. I won’t profess to knowing their whole history, but it seems they have been very open about their past, as the father was a drunk, druggie asshole at one point.

And I would argue at this point showmanship certainly has a hand in it. One has to be very naive to think most reality shows show anything resembling reality. They have openly admitted on this show that it is partially scripted.

Anyway - I’m probably overly sensitive about this. I had issues when I was younger - I wouldn’t act a certain way, or wear certain clothes because a geeky kid like me wouldn’t/shouldn’t be doing those sort of things. Social pressures to act a certain way, and if I tried to do something different I was a fake or a poser.

Hate the show for it’s mediocrity and rehashed sit-com blunderings, but the gun to my head (or yours) is simply nonexistent. Whether it is bigotry, religious stance, bad taste, ignorance: whatever. I do not support the witch hunt that comes when anyone states an opinion not vetted by the purveyors of all things acceptable.


wait wait…this isn’t a case of “they one time dressed differently”…or “played dress up for family photo shoots”.

this is a case of them not being at all the people they are pretending to be in tv. they didn’t look like this before the show at all, not even one iota. they grew their beards specifically for the show and are faking being a group of people that they aren’t. It is very bigoted and insulting to people who they are pretending to be like, and to the people that buy into their lie. they are acting out a stereotype that they are not a part of, which is despicable behavior imho.

it is 100% a manufactured tv lie to dupe anyone stupid enough to not know the difference.

the difference between reality tv and star trek is, that reality tv claims to contain a shred of reality. same with any showmanship, it is acceptable to put on a show, so long as you are being honest that it is a show. Magicians don’t claim to have real magical powers, star trek doesn’t pretend to be real. That is where they cross the line, they are lying and insulting a real group of people with their stupid stereotyping, and bigotry. i’m not even sure who this appeals to, i guess those who don’t know the difference between the real thing and a hole in their heads.