Woman who flipped off Trump got fired from government contracting firm

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Interesting. I know that 501c3s and government workers (with some exceptions for the latter) can’t be disciplined for political speech.

It gets fuzzy since the government did not request her firing, but this could lead to a lawsuit


I don’t think it could…I think it absolutely WILL.

She did something that while rude, is questionable to whether it is obscene.
She did it on her own time.
She did not take said picture.
She did not post it.
She did not comment on it or otherwise promote it.

The question is whether it is worth it to her or not.

Interesting how we have a President who feels he is allowed to say ANYTHING he wants, who has a base of people who are up in arms because an athlete kneels during a song; who I am sure are all happy that this woman is now unemployed. I wonder what the motivation of their position is…if only I could put my finger on it.



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“So, why exactly did you leave your last job?”
“I was fired for flipping off the president.”
“I’m sorry … you flipped off … the president of the company?”
“No, THE president. The president of the country.”
“Oh. Oh, that’s different. Well, I think you’ll fit right in here. When can you start?”


Why are employers allowed to regulate, control and surveil their employees private life?

Reminds me of the brief stint Walmart had in Germany. Trying to introduce it’s “ethics code” (regulating their employees private and sexual relationships) didn’t go well with german labor judges - to say it mildly.

They found it violating 1. Art. 1 para.1 Basic Law:
„Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be duty of all state authority.”




Does Briskman regret that middle finger, that reflexive moment that wasn’t all pussy hat and protest signs, that wasn’t calculated resistance but rather a totally relatable, plain-old, working woman, living-my-life, what-the-heck-is-going-on-in-our-world reaction?

Nope. “I’d do it again,” she said.


Her mistake, said Bethesda lawyer Bradley Shear, who specializes in social media issues, was her honesty.

“You can’t see her face, she is totally unidentified in that picture,” he said. “But once she identified herself to her employer, they had to consider that information.”

The company takes into account how the image of an employee flipping off the president looks and whether it may draw negative attention or threats, said Shear, who has a blog devoted to such matters.

But they did not have to consider the information in the case of the middle-aged male executive who called his employee a fucking libtard asshole in a discussion of BLM. Got it. /s

If they had to fire her, they would have had to fire him. They don’t have to consider anything. Akima just likes coddling racist men who punch down while punishing a woman who gave the chief the only hail he deserves. Anyone who defends Akima’s actions on legal grounds is just as much a hypocrite as their own misogynist management.

Bethesda lawyer Bradley Shear should see a doctor about having his head removed from his ass.

Her bosses told her they do support her First Amendment rights. But they wanted her to “be professional,” she said.



Who says she was even making a political statement? Maybe she was just annoyed at having a motorcade of half a dozen black tanks whoosh by her…
At any rate, it didn’t impact the company’s image when she was unidentifiable and nobody knew who she worked for. It certainly will now that everyone knows that she’s been fired for it when other employees have not been held to the same standard.
And, you know, after she files the giant wrongful termination and employment discrimination lawsuit against her former employer…


Because a sufficient number of U.S. citizens either (1) have had it drilled into their minds through mantra and song that they’re the freest people on the planet or (2) are under economic pressure to trade what little freedom they have for nine dollars an hour with no benefits.


Not just intersectional misogyny, but almost a full bingo card, too.


Here’s a useful accessory for anybody in the vicinity of a trump animal trail.



Privatized courts haven’t helped either.


That is the way that I would wave to Donnie’s motorcade.


She post it? or did someone else? b/c honestly I hope she takes them to court.

Someone else posted it. She made it the background(?) of her twitter banner after it went viral.


Talk about digital censorship!


May her settlement be large and swift.


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