Tor Project is working on a web-wide random number generator


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Are there examples local community based progressive projects that have needed or found ways to integrate tor? Farmers markets, recycling centers, adult reading programs, shelters, etc.

I don’t have one. I’m thinking of, say, privately logging (or trade) local agreements to deliver and receive goods, rent stalls and so on.

@grimloki or @j9c?


I have a built in “randomness” thingy in my head, it works just fine.


I’m randomly generating numbers in my head right now.


The problem with “head-based” random numbers is that you try to avoid numbers that don’t look random.

For instance, a number like 345433333. It just doesn’t look random, so we avoid them, which makes the numbers actually less random than a good algorithm would make them.


That’s the key; I’d be interested to know how they plan to achieve this.


Dog bless you.


Seems random enough, for me.



Good question(s).

Austin has those in spades.

Eh… probably? I can ask around. My partner is going to this:
and he may run across some compatriots from here:

There is a mighty fine clearinghouse for some of the projects you mention:

An idea, certainly. Hmm.

Had I a Facebook page (I don’t, I am avoiding FB), I am guessing it would a be a simple query to post.


I also avoid FB. Still waiting for Diaspora to catch on. Maybe after the rest of the coders are replaced by other (proprietary) code.

Bookmarked. Thank you and your partnet for the links though. Will follow up.


a long time ago I read about a WW2(?) one-time pad method using randomly drawn lottery balls - but the person creating the OTPs was biased and dismissed “unrandom” numbers. don’t find the article anymore, though (or was it something I read on dead tree?).


Sounds like part of the plot of Cryptonomicon.


seriously? oops.


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