Toy, snap-fit hydraulics



These sound brilliant, thanks for the recommendation, Cory! However the website doesn’t seem to be working, just blank white space, just me?

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I love the platform lift with the pantograph action on the lift boom. They need to model up a pivoting base to make a complete back-hoe.

I would love it if Lego took up a hydraulic tool kit like this.


Hydraulics are cool

Lego does have pneumatic systems does it not? Or hydraulic, if you fill 'em with water…

That’s pretty great.

My high school shop teacher had the class split into groups and develop stacking machines using nothing but meted-out scrap plywood and 2x4 sections, old hinges and fasteners and various sizes of syringe (with associated aquarium tubing). There had to be a hydraulic loop between the operator and each movement of the device. It used up the limited resources he had at the shop (which he largely self-funded, thanks Indiana) and it was fun and educational.

The final competition was to stack 35mm film canisters filled with sand, and my group ended up winning by a huge margin because everyone else built backhoe style arms as pictured in the video above whereas one of the girls in my group thought we should make a crane-type device. Her foresight reinforced the huge crush I had on her.

/nostalgia for rare good teachers and youthful infatuations


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