BOOK: Incredible LEGO Technic: Cars, Trucks, Robots & More!


I learned about the working concepts of suspension, multi-cylinder engines, gears and steering from this guy back in the days of yore.

I couldn’t believe my dad got it for me when I asked, it was (IIRC) +£100 for, well, LEGO. Looking back, I kinda suspect he saw a great way to teach me automotive basics, not to mention encouraging me to take on a project which I would have to work at for several days after school.

Ah, LEGO. It works.



I always wanted that one or this one, but couldn’t afford them:

I did have these:

It wasn’t just a request out of the blue or anything, Christmas or birthday, can’t remember but, yeah, one super expensive kit. I remember feeling like kind of a douche for asking and expected to get into trouble for the request.

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I remember that one kid who had one of the kits with a motor. Flash git.

Heh. At least I’m getting Lego for Christmas this year, though. :smile:

Daneel Jr is stuck with Duplo for a few more years.

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