Volkswagen microbus made from 400,000 LEGO blocks

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…one of only 12 officially certified LEGO® professionals in the world.

My entire life.



“Winner of the 2019 Weisberger Award”

Which should totally be a thing. Am I right or am I right?


Add LEGO Gas™ and we can change the world.


I’ve got one of those. They rock. Counting the days until Bep comes outta storage.

I imagine it is about as durable as a typical VW Bus as well. Make sure to bring a spare axle and crankshaft to the grocery store with you in case you need to rebuild something.


You could drive that to James May’s house


Just as some movies are Oscar bait…¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Does it come with 11 LEGO® long haired friends of Jesus?

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At least this one won’t rust!

I still miss the '71 VW Bus my folks had, though. My dad transplanted a six-cylinder Corvair powertrain into it using an available kit, so it was capable of pegging the speedometer and continuing to accelerate. The inevitable Midwest Salt Cancer™ took its toll, though, and he wound up selling it to someone who wanted the Corvair mechanicals.

If you looked closely, you could see the crossmember and the thermostatic dampers underneath the rear bumper, but otherwise it appeared stock. It would have been a real hoot to have one of the higher-performance engines (140 hp 4bbl or 180 hp turbo), but even the 110 in there could make it scoot.

It was very comfortable on long trips - as long as there weren’t any crosswinds.


In the early 1990ies, Porsche had a customized T3, mainly used as a shuttle between their main office and Stuttgart airport. It had the motor that usually went into the 911 at the time, and the gearbox, suspension, brakes etc. to go with it. And a nice interior.


This makes me strangely happy. The union of Lego and VW Camper Van feels like the resolution of a theme to the home key. But why? The camper doesn’t actually go. You can approximate any shape with enough small blocks. I ought to think it is stupid, but I don’t.

What’s going on here, exactly? (slightly freaked out)

Looks like my memory was a bit fuzzy on the details:

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