Modelmaker creates an abandoned VW microbus


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another modeler will come along and restore it.


I hope that the back of it is full of shovels and rakes and implements of destruction…

…or at least there should be a sign saying ‘<----- City Dump’


Next step: making a teeny tiny version of these guys.


Niw that made me feel beter today. :+1:


I like this as a metaphor of me abandoning VW as an option for any future car purchases since I got screwed (and so did you) with my TDI.


The first thing that entered my mind was a scaled model skeleton of Christopher Mccandless.


Daaamn, you win.


Apologies if it seemed like I was trying to be humorous. It just seemed fitting, in a morbid, gothic kind of way.


I did misunderstand your intent, but that is the sort of thing I find humorous.

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