LEGO Volkswagen camper van


That was the last one that my co-worker put together…
She was on a 3 month LEGO spree that petered out after starting a Tower Bridge kit.

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That set has been out for a couple years now, if you have any interest in it scoop it up sooner rather than later because once lego marks it retired the resellers will go nuts and drive the price up. Lego can be pretty random when they discontinue stuff, it’s hard to predict.

That said it’s a fun model, the level of detail they put into it is pretty silly. My favorite bit is how effectively they reproduced the engine.

They also briefly made a mini version available, which you can get secondhand for around $35 if you hunt around:


Thank you! I’ve wanted that mini version - they were briefly giving it away in the Lego store when you purchased the large one, last year. My dad liked VW vans and Lego, I don’t have room for the big model, but I’d love the smaller one.

I have this scenario worked out in my head where Jason simply posts some company’s product, and it magically appears at his front door a week later.

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If you provide me with your credit card info, address, date of birth, and social security number I can make that happen. :wink:

Wait I read that wrong…either way if you can provide those I can make something happen.

Lets wait and see if Lego sends Jason a bus before we turn to my overworked credit cards.

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I have the VW Beetle:

I only paid about $160, at $800 that’s a pretty good investment.

I wish. I click on Amazon and they bill me right away tho.


And with Safari Windows! My 6-year old grandson and I built one, with some ‘help’ from my 3-1/2-year old granddaughter, that my stepmother brought back from Germany - an impulse buy of an on the shelf AHA! moment. A weekend of leisurely fun, and they love to play with it when they’re over to the house. It had the Mini Westy in the box, which I gave to my grandson later as a present, and which he whipped together in an astonishingly short few minutes. Lego instructions make you think three-dimensionally, and he’s got that down pat, now. A great kit, and yeah. I’d like a Westy one, too.


yeah, I noticed the Safari windows right off too…

I’ve got this one! It’s a fun build. Took me about four hours. I keep meaning to mess with it and change it to RHD but. It has been out a couple of years so they might retire it soon.

There’s the Mini Cooper coming out imminently too. (Which looks like the instructions will have it built RHD, as god intended.)

Just out of curiosity, does the windscreen on a real VW Camper hinge open as in the Lego model?

If so that’s just awesome! I must get me one.

Some did. But you can buy a regular VW camper bus and retrofit it with the safari windows:

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