Awesome ideas with LEGO

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Quick tip: LEGO Mixel kits have a great number of connector pieces (hinges, swivels, pivots, spinners, etc…) as well as lots of different eyes and teeth. They’re usually around $5 a kit, but I’ve seen them on sale as low at $2.50.


I somehow had one (short) book along those lines as a tyke. It was frustrating because many of the pieces weren’t standard or easy to find at all. Plus, by then I had been ruined by the desire to follow easy-to-read instructions that had become commonplace in kits. And I got in trouble with my siblings for putting some of the included stickers on pieces from other kits.

I should’ve just bought the Rick & Morty licensed sets while they were being issued 2 per episode aired. Wait, that has yet to be? Well then…

Mega-trees! Very important to my research, Morty.

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