Lego Pac-Man machine reviewed

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The rule of thumb for Legos is (and, somehow, has been for years (*)) “10 cents per piece”. So this price doesn’t shock or surprise me at all. It’s well in line with their other adult-targeted sets.

But yeah, Legos are kind of pricey.

(* How this has worked across years of inflation is unclear to me, though I suspect that the average piece size in Lego sets has been going down over the years.)


That’s actually at the low end of the very large adult-targeted sets. The Millenium Falcon was over $500. As @wazroth says, the price is pretty reasonable by the standards of the product.

LEGO is expensive, yes, but you get what you pay for. There’s still nothing on the market even in the same league for quality, longevity, precision, customer support, and durability in construction toys.


I’m currently working on the Super Mario Lego set with my daughter (I’m doing the console, and she’s working on the TV). It’s a big set with lots of detail and moving parts! It is fun and so worth the cost (although, I’m not sure what that cost is since it was an X-mas gift!).


Of all the things people wouldn’t recognize from the 1980s, I didn’t have the trash cans on the list. Again.


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