TPP fast track is dead! (for now)

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What’s TTIA?

I think Congress is just pissed that something, anything, might happen with out people having to go through their halls and pay their tribute. Congress lets lobbyists come in and write legislation on a regular basis; this has nothing to do with principles and everything to do with institutional power squabbling.


At least some good news today…


Typo of TTIP i assume…

Ah, I see. Yes, I’ve heard a bit about that one. Thanks.

I mean, I know these agreements are secretive, but I thought it was pretty odd that Googling for it produced nothing!

As dead as SOPA?

Note to Obama: If Boehner supports it, it’s probably worth vetoing, even if you had written it yourself

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As dead as SOPA?

I assume you’re being sarcastic and are making the point that SOPA is still an ongoing battle in other forms, etc.

The fact that things like this are stalled at all is a progressive victory. In the past, things like SOPA and the TPP used to be forced through via a complicit corporate media who indoctrinated the public.

Times have changed for the better in many respects. People are getting vastly more educated today on these kind of issues via the Internet and they are mobilizing offline and online in response. We are seeing slow, progressive gains this way and it’s not stopping.

As far as it being an ongoing struggle? It’s the nature of all progressive agendas including civil rights struggles, etc. — progressive agendas are a constant struggle against powerful forces emboldened by corruption and vast treasure.

There really isn’t a lot of money in progressive causes, but we’ve got the passion and heart on our side. It may not seem like much, but it’s enough to keep the corporatist right on their toes as well.

It’s a matter of fortitude among progressive activists. The fight will never be over, but we are making strides that would have been unthinkable even just 5 or so years ago.

For example:

Thanks, in part, to the much-maligned OCCUPY movement:


Obama backs off imminent military action against Syria

Yet even more states joining others who are legalizing marijuana:

The list of victories goes on and on…

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I know you’ve lived out of the country for a while now, but the Senate is part of Congress. I think you meant to use the word House where you used Congress.

What evidence is there that Occupy has anything to do with the reason why income inequality is becoming a bigger issue? I mean, its been four years since Occupy existed in any meaningful form in the US.

I mean, I guess the term “1%” shows up these days, but that’s not exactly significant.

Precisely, and I agree with you 100%. As soon as we think these things are defeated, they return from the grave, with a new more horrible visage.

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It’s actually been nicely documented that before Occupy began, “income inequality” took up something like 1% of TV news time, and after a few months it was dramatically greater - like ten times as much attention. So they really did manage to shift the conversation in a substantial way.


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