TPP will let banks write their own regulations and stick taxpayers with the bill

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Now here’s a danger that might actually get the public’s attention. Try to tell most people about digital locks and their eyes will glaze over, but we all got hurt in the meltdown. I hope the mainstream press picks up on this one.


Here’s hoping! Some might also latch on to country of origin labeling.

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They want to accuse Snowden of treason, but this is so much more hostile to the health of the state…


The whole “undermining profitability” concept sounds like a pure recipe for endless recursive legal bullshit. It even undermines the whole notion of “free market capitalism” that such characters are supposedly pushing. Even normal market competition is obviously undermining your profitability. Every dollar which goes to anybody else instead of you. The US federal government could even claim that Wall Street undermined their profitability.

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