Canadian trade policy expert calls TPP a "threat to democracy"

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If Canada don’t want it, it’s a sure thing TPP is a bad thing.


Aw, that’s cute. Canadians have trade policy now. And democracy, apparently.

Kudos to you, Canada, you’re almost a real country now.

What did Hillary tell Goldman Sachs she was going to do with TPP if elected? Oh, that;s right, we aren’t allowed to know.


Okay, that pie chart as you’ve presented it means absolutely nothing. There is no information about what the pie slices represent, and that would be useful. I dug into the report and it turns out it has nothing directly to do with overriding labor and safety standards. It charts money compensation only.

And is it any surprise that the companies $10B and up would be compensated about ten times as much as companies one-tenth their size? They probably do have ten times as much stuff going on, so it’s only to be expected. It’s like reporting breathlessly that California issues ten times as many parking tickets as Massachusetts.

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Frankly - here in the U.S.A. I’d love to see us adopt trade policy the way the constitution originally set it up as.

  1. Get rid of all income tax and ‘other taxes’

  2. Add up all revenue needed to run the government without deficit and then tariff the crap out of everything imported as allowed by the constitution.

  3. Not give a flying crap one bit when the price of Iphones and harbor freight tools go up by 10000% because that’s how it’s supposed to work…

Mind you that this type of thought is based on the want to shut up the idiots who whine incessantly about taxes and ‘constitutionality’ without knowing how that exactly works.

Worst setup for a joke ever.


Resubmit that post from a computer running BSD 1.0 and then we’ll talk.


It still invalidates the argument that SMEs will benefit rather than large corporations, and the statistics presented on that.

If corporations can sue governments in secrecy, that is precisely a threat to democracy since the people - demos- do not know what is going on. (I also find appalling the idea that profits come before environment - corporations should be totally subject to the will of the people on environmental and public health issues.)


If I had to edit my posts in vi I would not survive.

down - not across.

You’re absolutely right. I’m just complaining about the pie chart, not the conclusions.

Who cares? It’s pie!


Feature, not a bug :frowning:

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