Traffic cone collecting machine


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Traffic Cones Are GO!


But it will never retire on faked disability, or stand around with 10 other machines watching one work.


Is this the hat sorting machine from the Harry Potter books?


But many times the safety, it looks like.


The cost disappears over time. And when you have miles of cones and traffic going 75 a foot away, its much safer. I am sure there are insurance savings and a lot of times once equipment like this becomes available OSHA can make using humans illegal as a safety issue.


That’s no fun. I want to see something that cruises at highway speed and looks like one of those high-speed industrial pickers.


Totally worth it. But only if it uses lasers to align them perfectly.


This vehicle picks up and stores traffic cones at nearly half the speed, 10 times the noise, and 20 times the expense of a human crew. But it looks cool.

Then we are sure to see them on California’s freeways any minute now.


Let’s see a machine do this:


We’ve got 'em already.

Personally, I prefer the zipper machine they use to move the barrier on the 15.


Here you go:


There is one on the Coronado Bridge too, it’s pretty awesome to watch.


Yes but did you watch the video to the very end? The machine jams in the last few seconds of the video! And I’m guessing that requires human intervention to get it going again.

You have to wonder how often that happens, and how it affects productivity and safety.


Nor will it retire on real disability, or expect health insurance, or ask for a raise. It will work until it dies. The men who used to do this job will be called lazy and worthless.

Welcome to the 21st Century.


This vehicle carries a person at nearly a quarter the speed, 10 times the noise, and 20 times the expense of a horse. But it looks cool.



Highway workers are more likely to get killed on the job than almost any profession (MUCH more likely than police, for example). Hardly a group that deserves the reputation of a bunch of overpaid layabouts.


On UK motorways there are virtually endless stretches of these cones. Lines of them can run for miles. The only activities I have ever seen associated with them are:

  1. Placing them
  2. Cleaning them
  3. Removing them

Other than that they seem to serve no purpose other than to reduce the number of lanes available for motorists. Does anybody know why they place, clean then remove such vast numbers of these cones? Is it some sort of “make-work” project?


Time for a John Henry style showdown.