Traffic noise can kill you

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Traffic noise can kill you

I’ve been saying this for like 50 years. Finally vindicated!


Huh. For some reason I thought it was windmill noise /s

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Reading this while listening to the traffic noise outside my front door and dreaming of my future dream home in the middle of a meadow.

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I think some idiot said they cause cancer, which is absurd. Have you ever been near one of those windmill farms? The sound is intense, and scary af. You would not want to live near one. I wouldn’t be surprised that the sound would have similar effects to the traffic noise if you lived close enough.

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I live near a highway and am one of the last houses in the flight path of an executive airstrip that entertains both hobby aviators and private jets, so ugh.

Maybe the conversion to electric vehicles will alleviate it to some extent, but likely too late for me.


For 91.4% of my life I have lived within a few hundred meters of a busy rail road, yayyyyyyy.


And yet people are concerned that the noise pollution from cars will be lessened and cara made less safe by the emergence of electric cars…

  • At 50kph you can’t even hear a diesel engine over the road and wind noise as you stand by the road
  • At 30kph the air and road noise still mostly mask the sound of the engine at a steady speed, you can hear it accelerate
  • At <20kph if you drive into someone you need to have the keys taken off you, now and forever

Car noise is pollution, not a safety feature.


Put me in the ranks of the not surprised. Parked at a stoplight this weekend for about 40 seconds, and the bass from the truck behind me literally made me ill.


I sleep with ear plugs in. Killing me softly.

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So does this mean everyone living [anywhere but rural] has shorter lifespans?

When I lived in high traffic areas I got anxiety attacks while driving in shitty scenarios; granted those will help shorten your life.

But when I lived right in the city, my brain loved the city sounds. I suspect if they exposed those mice longer, they’d get used to it and start to sleep like a baby.

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