Trailer for a theoretical, hysterical comedy series about paramedics

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God, that is hilarious. Thank you!


“When they want their Mommies”

Fucking Hilarious!


I don’t suppose anyone has been watching “Jekyll & Hyde” ?

I saw a commercial for it here and there but it took me a long time to realize, “Wait, the CBC is making shows like that now?”

Cardiac Arrest meets Bringing out the Dead?

The Charlie Higson thing? Didn’t that just get cancelled in the UK?

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Ah, not a CBC thing, then. That makes perfect sense.

“I get it. I love it. I’d watch the crap out of it” - couldn’t have said it better myself.


Sadly, after you’re broken in and start to realize you’re halfway competent compared to these drumpfs you’re stuck with, you tend not to talk shop around the workplace unless you’re reminiscing with peers about shared traumas. We joke about our first exotic trailer-worthy codes until we grow numb thru repetition and wind up semi-thankful that sometimes we do some good despite it all. When the Clooney-Crichton era ‘ER’ was fresh people would bring VHS tapes to the break room the next day so we could be astonished at how close they came compared to ‘General Hospital’ or worse. “Look, I did that today! Rewind it, see!” was my fave quote from those days. If this show gets it right, it deserves a shot, and I’m curious, but my best friend watched ‘Scrubs’ and swore the dynamics were just like the humongous teaching hospital she escaped. I was less impressed, but tolerant, and am curious about this show’s chances


Thanks! We hope we get funding! Cross your fingers or better yet spread the word :wink: Every view counts!


Thanks! We love that moment!


Ha ha! Thanks. Please spread the word for us. Every view will help us get funding!


One of the funniest people I know is a paramedic. It is impossible to drumpf any of his stories at the diner table.

Looks great! I liked “Rescue Me” (USA 2004 ff.), although that was not much of a comedy and was, uh, a bit… male-centric? And there was “Bringing out the Dead” with Nicolas Cage, a good movie but fucking depressing. This might be comparable to “Come Sweet Death”, which in 2000 was arguably the best Austrian movie ever made, absolutely hilarious!

The CBC has been given an eleventh hour pardon.

Let’s hope it remembers how to be a productive part of society…

I’ve known a few paramedics, and one thing they have in common is great stories to tell, stories of all stripes, like many first-responders, but without as much of the baggage as cop stories etc come with.

This will be rich if they get it right. Love how the trailer just spells out the premise.

BTW the CBC isn’t exactly flush with cash. Trudeau promised to, but has yet to, restore the 150 million in cuts by the tories, but will not return the CBC to it’s content heydays of the end of the previous century, before Chretien cut over 400 million from it’s budget over a period of just a few years (94-97), apparently in an effort to show Mulroney how it’s done.

Trudeau’s CBC spending won’t even top the highest spending years in Harper’s time unless he commits to another 100 million. His making the CBC whole again is optics alone, and not reality.

Optics, a Canadian word that Trudeau and his government place more stock in than they do the Canadian public.

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