ZOMG Did you guys see the first episode of Preacher Season 2?

Well, they started off with a bang! I can’t remember who else was watching. @Mindysan33, I think. @Melizmatic maybe?

I think some people complained for the bit slower pacing and character development, but now that is established thus far it is moving much faster. And a lot more tension.


Nope; haven’t seen it yet, but thanks for the head’s up that it’s back.


“We’re in Texas; they pretty much grow ‘dumb-ass crazy’ here.”

Man, I fluv Ruth Nega.


I liked the first half of season 1 and it fizzled out for me in the second half of S1. I definitely will catch this and give it another go for s2.

The two support characters I think out shine Preacher in many respects. I too really like Negga and its nice to see Joseph Gilgun again, who used to be on a UK show called Misfits (troubled teens get superpowers).

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I’ve seen Misfits, and I hated the guy as Rudy, but that’s because he was trying too hard to be like ‘Nathan Young’ and it just didn’t work.

I quit watching it not long after they started replacing all the original cast members.


I have not watched season 1 yet… I was certain it would pop up on the Netflix streaming (as it has other AMC shows), but has not yet. I can’t seem to find if it’s going up anytime soon. I might look into getting the dvds, cause I certainly want to see it.

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PM me if you can’t find it and I can put it on a drop box. Just until you get the DVDs.

First season, I think, was super solid. I am sure you will love the Tulip character, but overall I have been very impressed with it.

Note the first season is a bit slow as they are developing who and what is going on. Slow as in not a huge amount of action. I still need to pick up the graphic novel to compare, but at the same time I am happy with this being my first introduction.

Side note - its weird Seth Rogan did this. I guess he isn’t a complete mutton head stoner :wink:


Just wait until you see season 2 episode 2. :upside_down_face:

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Doh - finally saw it. Good show!

I am hooked on this season.


This season is seems much better than the first so far, and I didn’t dislike S1.

Also, it must be said;

Poor Fiore.

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Poor Fiore. :frowning:

Though am I the only one who wondered what happened to all his bodies??


No, you are not.

3 shows a night equates to at least 3 different dead bodies every 24 hours; that shit adds up, and it’s not like people aren’t gonna notice a pile-up of corpses…


I haven’t read it, but I think the comic book starts where Season 2 starts.

Preacher reminds me of Reaper a little, with the bizarro supernatural premise and the surprisingly high quality. There’s even the parallel between Seth Rogen and Kevin Smith.

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I really, really liked Reaper. It was more fun and irreverent than Preacher, but a good time.

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Finally caught back up. Sorry, Tulip, the Saint of Killers isn’t having none of it…

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I’m an episode behind.

Say nothing.

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Saw it; it was… interesting.

Is it just me, or is Jesse kind of a dumbass when it comes to using “the Word” effectively?

For instance, once he had control of the Saint, why not command him into a long term coma or something? Because you know that armored truck ain’t gonna hold him for long, and Custer didn’t even bother to try restrain him within it.

Also, do you have any thoughts on Dennis?


It seems he lets his emotions get the better of him. I like you idea, but would it work? Like does it “wear off”. Did the people he tell to “not move” never move again? I haven’t read the comic, but I would think eventually it would wear off. So telling him to just “sleep” might not work as well as being trapped in a steel box.

But for as clever as he was to trap him, he also didn’t think everything through either.

Like? He appears to be Cassidy’s estranged son. I am not sure there is more to him than a plot device, but we will see.



I know it’s your post, but you forgot to use tags.

Regarding the Saint; I meant put him to sleep inside the armored car. Then restrain him. Then sink the armored car in the bayou.

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Take me to God, not Dog!

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