Cast of Twin Peaks revival talk about how their characters have changed in revival series


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Did people like the original? I got the sense it was kind of disappointing and I’m trying to decide if I want to watch it in order to get up to speed on the new one.


I am a nostalgic for things of my past. I know I cannot go back but perhaps going forward with the natural evolution of a story will work. Hopefully.


I keep watching the first and a half seasons. They’re really good. I’m told the second half of the second season is not as good. If you’re kind of annoyed by the melodrama and weird dancing / music scenes more than you’re enjoying yourself by the end of the second episode, then Twin Peaks might not be for you.


I’m looking forward to how they explain the mystery of how a bunch of teenagers turned into 50-somethings in 25 years.


Booze and hard living. And BOB.


Don’t forget the pie. Plus fish in a percolator does weird things to ya.


I am so excited for this!! <3 #allthelikes


That kind of mystery ages a person


Bob? Where’s Bob?


Just finished rewatching the two seasons + film in preparation.

Season 1 plus the first half of season 2 is great television. After that halfway mark, it drops steadily for a bit before plummeting like a stone into a meandering pointlessness (although is worth watching once, at least). The finale is very good though as David Lynch came back to helm it.

The film doesn’t stand by itself very well - knowing the show’s storyline is a prerequisite - but as a prequel to the show is pretty good.


This has been my solution to any issue my entire life. And it f’ing works!


the first season is amazing, but it went down hill in the second season for sure. It still had some great things about it, though, and it’s worth watching, IMHO. I’d recommend it if you like David Lynch’s work at all.

Also, if you don’t watch the original series, you’ll not get to see the Log Lady, who is clearly the best part of the original series.



Took me forever to realize that was lynch.


It’s like Funky Winkerbean. Suddenly in the early 1990s the high schoolers turned into college graduates. And I think there was another time jump. At any rate, I went from being older than Funky and Les to younger.


Is that from Louis, too, like this?


Sure is. Perhaps my favorite episode.

Here is another great one of Kyle.

In response to the Louis/lynch episode, the part where lynch just goes, " yes, no, no, yes, no" slayed me.



I want the charm of lynch, and the smarm of Kyle.