Twin Peaks coming back?



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I’d love that… but I’ll believe it when I’m watching it.


Nothing in recent memory has made my heart grow several sizes like the hope that we might be returning to Twin Peaks. I hope, I hope, I hope…

“Conventional wisdom” (and we know what that’s worth) has it that the show was all downhill after the MacGuffin of who killed Laura Palmer was – or wasn’t – revealed. But for me, the show was never about any of its plot points; it was about the experience – the gestalt – of being adrift in Twin Peaks.

They could have had an entire episode that was nothing but pie and coffee being served in the Double R Diner, and I would have been enthralled. Maybe I’m a cheap date, but I loved every minute.

Re-watching the series on the new Blu-ray underscores the fact that huge swaths of the show were jaw-droppingly bizarre. Over and over, I found myself thinking “how was it possible that this was ever actually on the air?” I imagine panicked executives and advertisers watching the Black Lodge sequences, and curling up into fetal balls on their carpets, drooling and gibbering as if Cthulu had melted their minds.

Now, the probability is that we’d get a Netflix, cable or web series; I just can’t imagine Lynch returning to broadcast TV. But a return without the restrictions and censorship imposed by the broadcast networks could be incredible; please let it happen!


I agree… it was the world-building that was so enthralling. It wasn’t Laura Palmer that was interesting, but uncovering the secrets of the town. But it was the same weirdness that ended the show. Once people “knew” who killed her, they were less interested, because for most people it wasn’t about the weirdness and world-building, but about Laura Palmer…

I do hope the show gets a new life, though. I’d love it to be Netflix, actually.


I would say that the first season was about almost normal stuff happening to very strange people and that the second season was about very strange stuff happening to almost normal people…The problem is that it is difficult show characters transitioning from “I live in a rational world,” to “The supernatural is real.” more than once…


It always seemed to me that the “point” of the show was to be a Lynchian take on the prime time soap opera, which was a huge TV style in the eighties. It was meant to continue over time with just a long series of bizarre things happening in and around Twin Peaks.

What disappoints me is that any return to Twin Peaks should have happened in 2014, 25 years after Cooper’s dream of the future. Maybe Lynch had to wait for the events to occur so he could recount them.


Exactly. What most people don’t realize is that Twin Peaks is not a soap opera, but a documentary.

Ooh, Ooh, there’s a video. And it says “Twenty Five Years Later.”


Unfortunately for modern television, the Lynchian take on anything is probably not going to work well with the story-based, arc-driven convention that’s become more common. At this point, I feel it’s pretty well established that Lynch adds odd elements not out of storytelling but instead to convey a feeling, such as “odd things happen to express unease,” or “electricity is cool.”

If the writing team on such a project can corral some of these tendencies to attach some semblance of story – even if it’s minimal – then it could be really cool. Color me skeptical.


So, the answer to Pesco’s question is a YES… on Showtime (which means it will eventually be streamed on the Netflix!):


to me, the second season of the show suffered greatly from the inattention of frost and lynch. they seemed to come back thoroughly at the end of that season but too much of the audience had stopped watching. i don’t really know if i want the series to come back since it was so much about the spirit of the time. it might be that it would be better as a bittersweet memory of what might have been than an actualized comeback.


“Dear Twitter Friends” I can’t help but read it in his revelatory voice.
“I’m not shouting.”


Given how the series originally ended, I’m not sure I want to know what’s been going on in that world in the meantime.


It can’t be done, the guy who played Bob is dead. It would end up like post-Danzig Misfits.



I guess I should watch Twin Peaks, then?


You have plenty of time to do so, at least…


She was my favorite!
I felt compelled to buy this little painting a while back:


It was a shame they never finished those Harry Potter movies.



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