The X-Files is coming back

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The reboot season only had that one good episode, and the rest ranged from forgettable to awful.



Only if you haven’t watched any TV in the past decade.

The problem with the reboot is that it aped the original series and ignored the fact that o much good fantasy/SF/conspiracy TV has been produced since the X-Files went off the air.

I’d rather rewatch Fringe than see another X-Files episode. In fact, i call Fringe the X-Files reboot we always wanted.


That anti-vax thing from… was that last year, proves that at least some of the concepts from the original series didn’t age well.
On the other hand, Anderson has done quite the reverse.


I thought that the last season of X-Files was a net positive. I enjoyed about half the episodes. The one where Mulder drops acid is among the funniest I’ve seen, and he brings a little bit of Hank Moody into the episode.

Kumail Nanjiani’s episode was fantastic as well. Funny guy.

Gillian Anderson was the Scully she’s always been, but to be honest, I’m really dying to see her play more villains like she did in Hannibal. She really should be the next Bond villain.

All told I thought it was a worthwhile effort, and it deserves another go. I just like seeing my old friends Mulder and Scully on screen together, and didn’t even mind that they sort of pretended like a lot of stuff from seasons 8 and 9 just didn’t happen.


I loved the original X-Files so damn much, until season 5 or 6. Carter just didn’t know when to quit. He ran out of ideas and then ran out of actors. It was just sad at the very end, in the Trumpian sense. More episodes now don’t excite me at all - but I wouldn’t mind watching The Erlenmeyer Flask again.


I never got into “Millenium”, but I rather enjoy the “Chris Carter Flavor” of most of his other efforts. Granted, I was a teenager/young adult while all those shows were airing, so they remind me of a time when the world was shiny and new and filled with hopes and dreams. And also computers were going to change the world with Virtual Reality! lol

Every few years I even go back and rewatch “Harsh Realm” and “The Lone Gunmen”. Great stuff.

Oh God yes.

With her English accent, naturally.


Oh Millennium was amazing. The first season is like the killer of the week, but after that the mythology gets going…


is there an internet version?

Second season Millenium is where it’s at. That finale… so bleak and trippy. Quite amazing that Morgan&Wong got away with it. And supposedly hugely pissing off Carter in the process. Third season was unfortunately rather forgettable.



  • No Carter. (Not gonna happen. :frowning: )
  • Much less conspiracy bullshit. It’s all nonsense after the first movie.
  • MORE DARIN MORGAN. (This one applies to everything in life.)
  • All stand-alones.

I don’t think he planned for a third season. The end of the second season was meant to be the end of the world, after all.

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He wrote Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose and Jose Chung’s From Outer Space?
Hell yes!


And Humbug! And the standout episode of last year’s season! And a couple of witty Millennium episodes.

I’m always on board for anything Darin does. He gave a couple of really great interviews on Kumail Nanjiani’s “X-Files Files” podcast a year or so ago, if anyone’s interested. One. Two.

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Seconded. It was starting to drag before then, but the first movie was when I ditched the show for good because I realized Chris Carter had no more idea where that conspiracy story arc was going than anyone else.

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