The X-Files: behind the scenes of the new series

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I’ll never forgive the movie. I was expecting a few of the many loose ends to be tied up in unexpected ways. Instead the plot just veered off in an irrelevant direction. They showed the monsters, dammit, after years of building suspense by not showing the monster. Guys, that’s not what your special effects budget is for.


Its been a while. Is this proof that tobacco does not cause cancer?

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So … agents Einstein and Miller, huh? Not even trying, are we?

I was interested to see that the show was coming back… But then I realized that I only half-watched the original series, never the full shebang, and I can barely remember any of it now.

I wonder if the insinuations of power-mad government officials like the CSM will be so entertaining in the modern post 9/11 world when we know that such people really exist. The X-Files worked because in the 1990s the intelligence services were seen as harmless Cold War relics clearly on the way out and so their conspiracies were seen as pure escapism.

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