That X-Files ending tonight (thread with spoilers)

Is it just me, or was it kind of bullshit?


I haven’t watched any of the new series. Should I be glad? I liked certain aspects of the original, before they drove it into the ground.

I think it was worth watching. The opening episodes set up the positon of the overarching conspiracy theories, and the final episode was meant to wrap it up… it did, but still left things up in a air.

There were some great one offs and the dynamic between Mulder and Scully was still fantastic (especially in the weremonster episode). It’s worth it, if you enjoy the X-files overall.

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Just started watching it… Wow, what a lazy opening.

Oh, forget it, I couldn’t even finish. Too much explanation. Ugh.

Y’know, I watched this but only remember that I thought it was a dream sequence.

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