New X-Files, what do you think?


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Feels a lot like the old X-Files.


I like it so far. Cheesy. Overdone. Extra gore, extra scmaltz, and they still have chemistry.


Is it overarching story thread or monster of the week?

I really liked the old MoTW ones, but got really bored of the conspiracy theory missing sister ones after a while.


Hilariously overwrought dialogue in the first episode. On to the next!


I couldn’t agree more. We watched it last night, and will probably continue watching, just to see whether they can continue in the same vein or what.


I want to believe


I saw the first episode previewed at ComicCon. I went to the X-files event because I’d gone a couple of years ago when both Duchovny and Anderson were on stage together and a) they were really high and b) they really do have chemistry together that is just a joy to watch. Also I got to see one of those event wedding proposals, which was so fun.

The preview was good, but the event lacked the fun of when the two leads were on stage together. I thought they did a good job of updating all the conspiracy theory bits to feel more modern, and I liked that they seemed to be throwing out some of the tedious parts of the story and getting more into the scary monsters again, which I always liked. I hope it’s a big success.


As it is a limited run, definitely overarching, but who knows where they will go?

I liked MoTW too.


Sounds like #3 will be MotW.

With all the rebootery going on (hell, the new Star Wars is basically a half-assed way to reboot), I couldn’t help but think about what an X Files reboot would look like, and I’m sort of convinced there’s no way to do it. Part of it is that the cultural milieu (yes, I said “cultural milieu”! suffer!) has changed to the point that I don’t think anyone new could possibly get it. Back in the '90s cryptozoology was cool, UFO pictures were fascinating, and conspiracy nuts were harmless cranks with more imagination than sense. But now we have Ammon Bundy/Donald Trump and, well, smartphones.


So they’d be left chasing sightings from the '80s and talking to violent, fascist, racist assholes. I’d say “Not super compelling TV”, but in any event Fox News has the market sewn up. And besides, so much of what has come later was made possible by the X-Files that it would frankly feel weirdly bland.

And, truth is, about 50% of the show was the Anderson/Dutch-oven-y chemistry, which you couldn’t hope to recast intentionally.

P.S. Anyone here ever watch Kolchak? I only got through about 5 episodes. Fun enough, but Carter clearly took the formula and improved upon it radically. Fringe looked like it could do the same for a few seasons, before seriously going off the rails with all the Chosen One/babby nonsense. Never did bother to see how that all turned out.


I noticed that Henrietta Lax was namedropped with Tuskegee. This offended me.


I liked the overarching conspiracy story until it became painfully apparent in the third or fourth season that Chris Carter was desperately making it up as he went along. It’s sheer luck that it was engaging as long as it was. Can’t beat their MotW stories though (Eugene Tooms was brilliant).

@Ratel I watched Night Stalker after hearing about how it was an inspiration for the X-Files. It…hasn’t aged well.


So, our MotW was, well, a meditation on MotW. Hell, they all but called out the cartoon I posted above. I’m gonna start calling this series the Meta-X-Files. And it’s fun! Very close in spirit to:


Episode 3 is a thing of beauty and proof that genius can still be shoehorned into 45 minutes of TV.


oh good, because I have yet to see that one!


New X-Files, what do you think?

The new show that is set twenty years later, after the alien invasion, with, like, former FBI agents, weird conspiracies, people turning on each other, nobody knowing who to trust?


Is it any good?

Reminds me of how Downton Abbey is all the rage these days, but it was launched as competition for a reboot of Upstairs, Downstairs which only lasted a couple seasons.


Episode 3 was aimed squarely at the XKCD post, and as well with Mulder’s disillusionment which came from the first 2 episodes’s new story ark.

MOTW is in full force in ep. 3, and it is fantastically hilarious. Kumail Nanjiani makes a cameo, as well as Rhys Darby of Flight of the Conchords fame.

That said, I’m not super keen on the new story ark (I think it’s logically incompatible with everything we’ve seen, and the characters have seen). But, ultimately, it doesn’t matter much. Really, we’re all here for Mulder and Scully, and it delivers on that. Let’s not overthink it.


I tried watching the pilot, but every time I saw one of the leads all I could think is “why is Sawyer not on the Island” and “Carl shot her in the prison, what’s she doin’ here?”

I might give it another chance tomorrow if I remember that it’s on.

X-files ep. 3, though, totes worth a watch. It was much fun.


Have you watched Eureka? Goofy and funny and the cast is from everywhere, they reboot the show at least twice, and by the end its just a free for all. Chemistry.