The Lone Gunmen returning to The X-Files


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which one was the bearded guy. will he be back? because he and skinner were my big swoony crushes. can’t wait.


I was going to say “But they died” but then I remembered this is X-Files and things don’t have to make sense.


Now I Believe!


They faked their deaths. It was in the comics that AFAIK are considered cannon.



Ah that explains it. Never saw Jump The Shark, but heard about it.


Oh yeah, The Lone Gunmen, I remember that series. First aired in March 2001. Canceled after the first season tho. Guess their conspiracy theories were just too far out. Like that first episode where hijackers attempt to fly a passenger jet into the WTC. They elude that the hijacking was a false flag attack by a greedy American arms manufacturer to ultimately increase its weapons sales by invoking U.S. retaliation against a scapegoated anti-American extremist dictator. Who could suspend the disbelief for such nonsense gtfo.


I am just going to assume that any plot line involving the lone gunmen is actually going to happen


There was an X-Files CCG, and three of the best rare cards were Langley, Byers, and Frohike.


Is it wrong that I’m slightly depressed to learn they didn’t die?


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