New X-Files trailer

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Huh. I like it. Goes minimal on the sizzle. I was never a particular X-Phile (though I enjoyed pretty much every episode I watched), but I’ll tune in for this.

Heh. “Tune in.”

Don’t touch that dial!


Let’s do it doggy style so we can both watch X-Files.


Vince Gilligan isn’t returning for it :frowning:

As someone who gave up on the show in the season just past the first movie (and has never finished it nor seen the other film) will I be missing anything by watching this?

I saw every season and both films and I have absolutely no idea.

So probably not.


Scully got more cheekbone. Mulder got…puffy.

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She’s aged nicely, hasn’t she? But what is Cancer Man doing there? In Season 4 he was dying of cancer.

What?? They aged? People on TV aren’t supposed to do that!

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I’m hoping for a flashback. Because if he’s not dead because of some bullshit Carterian hand-waving I’m going to be annoyed.

The first movie was when I finally realized that Chris Carter didn’t have any more of a clue what was going on than I did.

I’m still ticked off at myself for letting J.J. Abrams play me the same way with Lost.


As much as I feel a certain amount of vitriol should be pointed at JJ, you can’t really blame him for Lost. He really didn’t have much to do with it past directing the pilot.

That hatred should be directed at Cuse and Lindelof. And primarily the latter.

Seems you just can’t keep a good Cancer Man down.

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