[CORRECTED] Here's the first episode of the new Twilight Zone, directed by Jordan Peele

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Geo-blocked. I know you have a lot of readers in the US, but give us a heads up.



As someone who loved Get Out and did NOT love Us; I’d be interested in hearing what makes you so enamored of Peele’s second feature film.

Also, I am very excited to see what he does with the Twilight Zone.


I recently watched all of the Key & Peele episodes. I had seen some, but didn’t have cable through most of its run. I liked it and you can see the whole horror/creepy vibe Peele likes, even when it is softened by comedy.

Haven’t seen Us yet, but the trailer was freaky alone. They screwed up and played it in front of Alita: Battle Angle when my friend saw it with his kid, and she had to sleep with her parents that night. Doh.

Anyway, LOVED the old Twighlight Zone, and I like that sort of show anyway, anthologies. So I am looking forward to this.


Thanks! I’ll watch it tonight. Looking forward to hearing that sound again…


Ok, that was fairly disturbing/creepy progression and the music at the end credits was a nice touch.

I really hope they do all new shows and not fall back on remakes of “The Monster on Oak Street” or “The Terror at 20,000 Feet”.
And if this is the one where 'I want to make people laugh" with the devil deal…I’m going to be very disappointed.

It was at least more subtle than a deal with the devil. I liked it but admit it could have been better at 30 minutes.

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I’m not keen to subscribe to the CBS All Access scheme for a single show, no matter how much I want to watch the new Twilight Zone, so I looked to see if it was possible to get a season pass on iTunes (I know… that’s my poison of choice).

As of now, it’s not.

However they have the entire original series for $24.95. (5 seasons). Not bad considering YouTube wants to sell you access to season 5 alone for $19.99.

Way back when they were first being released, I had been buying the individual sets of the original Twilight Zone for something like $60 each. They were organized by theme and not season, but the alternative was not having them.

Then in 2008 I gave that set to a family member when I bought the complete series on DVD that was organized in their original air date order. That cost $150.

I expect in another decade or so it’ll be possible to download the entire thing to your implanted cybernetic brain for a buck. Or it’ll come preinstalled.

For the first episode of the new series, I really liked it. I hope it does well. But not so much that I’m paying for CBS All Access. I’ll buy the season if/when it comes to DVD though. Or iTunes.


Just wait for the first season DVD and check it out at the library.
That’s how we watch Game of Thrones. Yeah…we’re a year behind, but so what.


I blame Black Mirror for the reemergence of the disjointed anthology TV series.

Nice to see it here. Why?

Because it confirms I don’t need to waste money paying for CBS All Access.

It doesn’t hold a candle to the original Twilight Zone. Not even close.


I think it’s following a trend. It seems like there are a lot of shows coming out like “Black Mirror”, where all the episodes are unrelated. Apple’s new streaming service is suppose to be bringing back “Amazing Stories”, which was also a show in 1980’s that was an anthology of unrelated stories. Amazon has “Electric Dreams”, YouTube’s original content has “Weird City”. “Twilight Zone” seems appropriate at this moment.

No Steven Spielberg, no dice.


This is why we still subscribe to the Netflix dvd service. If it comes out on disk, they’ll have it. There’s not much coming out now that I can’t wait for.

I’ve felt like there should be topic on here about the film since i saw it at the weekend because it has stuck with me and i keep thinking about it. I found the horror effective but maybe it appeals to me more as i’m an outsider and an outsider’s view of american violence that we only really get to see in the news.

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I, myself, did not.

There was far more allegory than there was actual narrative, and I found that problematic.

Also I have a question that’s been seriously bothering me:

‘The Tethered’ eat raw rabbit to survive, because 'rabbits breed endlessly… ’ but what are the rabbits eating???

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Yeah, it seemed to me that there was a whole deeper level of organisation going on there that we weren’t privy too but you also have to wonder why the real adelaide didn’t just escape when she was left there by red, i mean she wasn’t chained to that bed for 30 years! I agree there was a lot of allegory but i still found it smartly done with some startling imagery - with possibly a hopeful ending? Maybe the tethered are more worthy custodians of the country than those they are replacing. Or a pessimistic ending! That violence just unites the country anyway.

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Red said that the Tethered were an experiment that had been abandoned, meaning that no one was maintaining the subjects.

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Oh hell, yeah, i forgot about that. I think i accepted that the untethered world exists down there and didn’t question the horror film logic of it too much because like you say it’s focusing more on the allegory rather than narrative.

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