Jordan Peele is rebooting Twilight Zone for CBS

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You know that is a picture of Daniel Kaluuya right? Or do you…

Given how good Get Out! was, I look forward to this.


"Too many times this year it’s felt we were living in a twilight zone

Roger That!


I think my moral compass is probably 90% informed by my having watched so many episodes of Twilight Zone when I was kid – KTLA Channel 5 in Los Angeles would broadcast twice a day around noon, and then they’d hold marathons on Thanksgiving and on other holidays (bonus points if anyone remembers Fred R. Rated from The Group, The Group, The Federated Group!)

That show covered a bunch of themes which are still relevant – fascism, the fallacy of corporate rhetoric, slavery, gun ownership, the dangers of groupthink and prejudice etc. And yet to me as an 8 year old kid, I was watching some sci-fi / supernatural weirdness with ironic surprise twists.

I hadn’t thought of “Get Out” in context of the 'Zone, but it makes absolutely perfect sense.


Now I just feel like you’re phoning it in.


Velcome to boing boing, comrade…


why not start a new series called something else…like…black mirror. oh wait. call it something else. no need to rise the coat tails of the twilight zone. just…call it something else.


Twilight Limits?
The Outer Zone?
Mildly disturbing escapist morality tales?

The T-Files?


Who starred in Get Out, which is the movie that proved that Peele could do horror, which let him do this as opposed to just


No, it’s a picture of Rod Serling in front of a still of Get Out, as if he were introducing an episode.


Woo I’m very interested now.

You’re both right.

Black Mirror focuses primarily on the de-humanization of technology. Twilight Zone used that theme—on top of many, many more. The gist of your argument: that the specialization of anthology series has made TZ an anachronism—is valid though (if you are making that argument).

Jordan Peele has spoken about how he’d like his Twilight Zone and future horror/suspense films to be about societal terrors and address race and social weirdness in the same way that Get Out did; since Rod Serling launched Twilight Zone to explore the human condition thru allegory and was led to create it when his screenplay about Emmett Till was rejected, I think it’s a good fit.

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That hardly makes sense, why show “jordan Peele” in front of “strangers” with Rod Serling presenting? It’s not trying to show Jordan Peele, It’s trying to show how Get Out might work as an episode of the twilight zone.

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