Trailer for "Have You Got It Yet? The Story of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd"

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here comes the machine…

still waiting for fleetwood mac to say… see

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Well, I kinda doubt there will be anything new in here that the serious Floyd fan wasn’t already aware of.

Maybe we’ll finally learn which one’s “Pink.”


When it says “directed by Storm Thorgerson”, I assume it means “contains footage shot by Storm Thorgerson in the 60s and 70s that wasn’t originally intended for this documentary”, since he passed away ten years ago.


It still blows me away that Pink Floyd was recording Piper at the Gates of Dawn at the same time as the Beatles were recording Sgt. Pepper. In the same studio, pretty much in rooms next to each other. And EMI sound engineer Norman Smith (who worked on almost all the Beatles’ albums) worked on St. Peppers and Piper. Crazy.


Indeed, mind-blowing. The first time I heard Piper, my imagination was teleported to a parallel galaxy. While washing dishes at the local BBQ, my co-workers thought I was tripping on acid. On the other hand, hearing Sgt. Pepper reminded me of lazing on the porch during a neighborhood block party.


Awesome. The first time I heard Piper, I was tripping. It blew me away. Just destroyed me. It’s remained a nostalgic favorite ever since.


Would love to see this eventually, after. 6 or 7 years of crowdfunding… like… get on with it already.

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