Trailer for INDECLINE'S "The Art of Protest"

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From the people who brought us Bum Fights!

Seriously Boing Boing, research?

I guess I’m open to the possibility that the people behind that garbage have matured over the last 18 years and have become productive members of society now, but…

…is simply not the case. As mentioned above “Bumfights” was the flagship video series created under the Indecline Films label.

That video series was so nasty and nakedly exploitative (for example, the filmmakers plied homeless alcoholics with booze to make them fight, get forehead tattoos or pull out their teeth with pliers on camera) that the 2011 grindhouse film Hobo with a Shotgun even included a stand-in for the Bumfights filmmakers for the title character to exact vengeance on.

Those guys did the bum fight videos when they were teenagers. They paid the “bums”.
yeah, bad idea. Really stupid. Very well-made incredibly enterprising and massively popular. But morally indefensible. Like the occasional really bad decision that stupid testosterone fueled teenage boys will make. If you look at the work that this group has done since the poor decisions that they made as teenagers, you will see that their work is quite amazing, powerful and strikes against the 1% and particularly Trump and his minions. What have (the rhetorical) you done that would involve risking your life, risking jail time to fight against “The Man”? I absolutely applaud Indecline for their pranking and activism. Any one of us that is judged entirely on the basis of the worst thing we’ve ever done, particularly during our team years, is being treated very unfairly. Particularly if we have gone on to spend almost 2 decades redeeming ourselves by positive activist work.

correction: “Particularly if they have gone on to spend almost 2 decades redeeming themselves by positive activist work.”
I am not a member of the collective, just a fan.

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