The juggalos, class struggle, and the left


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It’s been a long time since I’ve read an article about ICP without a reference to magnets.


How do they work?




Maybe this is what’s needed, to roll up into a larger entity. I mean, it’s clear that those without significant resources are in trouble, with automation and expanding locks on innovation becoming the norm.

But who will form the head? (cough I know, silly ref.)


How do the Juggalos feel about Kid Rock’s semi-candidacy for Senate?


This got me reading the wikipedia entry on Juggalos. Seems like this Jacobin stuff is some kinda champagne socialist cook up trying to use out dated language of class to describe something they don’t really understand in the first place as somehow heroic in some kinda Marxist sense.


I’ve had very little experience with Juggalos, but they seem on one side fine, and the other super violent. I don’t know how my experiences stack up to the overall picture though.



Violence is indeed a part of Juggalo culture. But when you consider where Juggalos come from then it isn’t so surprising. Many of them grow up surrounded by violence that seems crazy to me (coming from a pretty stable middle class background) but is entirely normal to them.

I used to treat Juggalo as a punchline to a joke but I don’t do that any longer. What the FBI interpreted as gang like behavior is really just a big, massively flawed but very welcoming, extended family.


It’s not just Faygo.


Well, if it came to street fisticuffs between the Juggalos and the alt right, I am pretty sure who I’d bet on winning.


Where did you get the idea that alt-right neo-Nazi brutes limit themselves to fisticuffs?

Deandre Harris being attacked by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Va.



from the tags


"“Champagne socialist” is a pejorative political term originating in the United Kingdom.[1][2]

The phrase is used to describe self-identified socialists, whose comfortable upper middle-class lifestyles are thought to contradict their political convictions; this is typified by their supposed consumption of the luxury drink Champagne."

I know nothing about jugalos or ICP but the description of their economic station and relation to power seems to be the polar opposite of the Wikipedia description of champagne socialist.

Unless I’m miss something.


I always preferred “Limousine Liberal” but the meaning is the same. Don’t ever doubt these people exist in great numbers. I know many of them


So, he’s talking more about the Kiss Army. Gotcha - thanks.





Speaking of class struggle: