Trailer for Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art

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One episode of Robert Hughes’s The Shock of the New has a great piece about Land Art, and actually has footage of him walking around “Complex One” of Heizner’s “City” work, that is still in progress and not open to the public:

eta: Here is a set of photos of various parts of “City”:

I love the mystery around a massive sculpture, the largest in the world, still in progress after 40 years of work, closed to the public.

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My favorite apocryphal story:

In the depths of the Cold War, a US serviceman was posted for an entire winter to a remote radar station in the Arctic. Already bored and depressed, he was also irked to find that his base lay directly beneath an intercontinental aircraft flight path. Why were those people free to travel while he was immured in such a remote and desolate place?

In line with standard operating procedures in the Arctic, he had been
ordered to keep the engine of a large bulldozer idling throughout the
winter, since it’s difficult or impossible to start diesel engines exposed
to extreme cold. When sunlight returned in the Spring, those on aircraft
passing overhead were startled to discover a forceful and obscene message
in letters some miles tall, neatly scraped into the surface of the tundra
by a bulldozer blade.

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