Massive canyon hidden below Greenland's ice


I take they didn’t find the mountains of madness yet?


I don’t suppose any of our anthropoid ape ancestors were around, that far north, when it was last visible?

Thanks to global warming we’ll someday be able to see this magnificent sight! If it were up to those wimpo-commie environmentalists it would remain forever hidden from view.


As with so many other things, this discovery was predicted by Futurama.

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Instead of “What’s climate change ruining today?” I think we can file this one under “What’s climate change revealing today?”

Although now that I think about it I guess it really should be filed under both.

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White walkers. There, I called it.

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Wrong end of the planet…those are in Antarctica. :slight_smile: Book a tour through Miskatonic Travel today. It’ll be a life-changing experience.


Careful, that ravine is full of creepers.


That is what they want you to believe :grin:

One day or the other (probably when the TSA will be banned from harassing people at the airports) i’ll have to come back to the US and visit Providence and New England.

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4 million years? id be surprised if we had gotten as far as mammals yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

YAY! Climate Change will soon make this a viable tourist destination :smiley:

AND reduce our race to squabbling scavengers praying on the remains of our own culture.

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