What Antarctica looks like under the ice


Great work and all, but it seems kinda pointless when soon enough we’ll just need the satellite, and no “lasers, and radar.”


I give it five years tops.

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perfect fantasy/campaign world map.

I cry foul: no Elder Thing cities!


Watching the animated view, it looks strangely similar to the portrait of some vast, ancient god with noodly appendages.


It’s the perfect solution to our land troubles. Just melt all that crappy ice and we’ll have a whole continent to build and farm and expand on. no problem!

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Hey, you should put pictures of naked continents after the break!

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Stop using lasers you’re gonna melt it faster!

It has probably happened before, humans find refuge in the polar caps from global heat wave. Only able too venture outside in the dark season. Morlocks.

hey wait a minute : how come that guy Nik with the NY Cheese guy isn’t stomping around in this thread acting ornery? Maybe he got in his time machine and went back to insult people on Usenet 25 years ago…

Why does the narrator pronounce “Antarctic” as “Annartic”? Did Webster take away the ‘T’ or something?

Dropping the T is a thing. Soften, glisten, castle, chestnut.

Looks like Middle Earth :wink:

Sort of. I think I make the ‘t’ shape with my mouth for ‘soften’ and ‘chestnut’, but maybe not for ‘glisten’ and ‘castle’. But ‘Annarticta’ sounds weird to me, like ‘aluminum’.

GB Shaw wanted to rationalise English spelling, or even replace the alphabet. He argued that you could spell ‘fish’ as ‘ghoti’: ‘f’ as in ‘enough’, ‘i’ as in ‘women’, and ‘sh’ as in ‘station’. Hee.

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