UFO found in Google Earth image of Antarctica


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Hope they left the keys in it.


Claycat’s THE THING.

To save time: Paste this into Google Earth: 66 16 24.1 S 100 59 04.8 E


It’s a U.F.O. alright. . .

Unidentified Frozen Object.


THAT’S where I parked it. Damn it. I was sure it was the Arctic


Aliens were my #1 fear as a kid. I really did not want to be anally probed.


I wonder if anyone who likes being anally probed ever gets abducted by aliens . . . maybe the aliens know who actually wants it and avoid them, or maybe there’s a whole subculture of alien-on-human anal probing going on out there and they just don’t talk about it.


Isn’t that just the Antarctic Circle?


I guess would make for a good story. I’m in!


It’s very easy to make things seem raised objects when they are, in fact, holes. Just turn it upside down, the shadow will fool you. Using the coordinates it immediately took me to this image, which looks like an ice covered pond. I wouldn’t be surprised that there are very strange life forms living in there, scientists have found them in other similar ponds in Antarctica. That fact is actually more interesting than flying saucers, imo.


Is the saucer section of a ship designated NCC-1701 crashed again?


I remember the last time a UFO was found in Antarctica…it did not end well.



Well, let’s be honest about one positive for the next 4 years. If there are UFOs in Antarctica or anything in Area 51, our illustrious overlord will have to be informed about it, and there is no possible way he will keep that a frelling secret.


Relevant part of sketch

[spoiler]Dave: Well, I mean, we travel 250,000 light years across the universe, abduct humans, probe the anally and release them.

Kevin: Yeah… AND?

Dave: Well, doesn’t it seem kind of point-LESS?

Kevin: I really don’t think about it.

Dave: Well don’t you think you should?

Kevin: No, I don’t think I should. I don’t think I should question the leadership of our Great Leader

Dave: Oh, come on! I mean, we’ve been coming here for 50 years and performing anal probes and all that we have learned is that 1 in10 doesn’t really seem to mind.[/spoiler]


You seem to be a big fan of secureteam… fun yes, and he does have some interesting videos/pictures, even if (more than) half is laughable. I only wish he’d spend 10 seconds learning how to pronounce new words. That and cut the length in half :slight_smile:


We must go there now, form a ring of people around it, then release it from the ice with phosphorus bombs. Oh, and could someone see what Kurt Russell is up to these days?



The ultimate concern does not necessarily require the #1 fear. (Speaking from experience.)


UFO, please, stop pulling my leg. It’s obviously the entrance to the tunnel that goes through to the Arctic.


From the That’s-No-Moon Department:

That’s not a Space Craft. It’s an Entrance.

[ insert dramatic music sting here ]