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Paging @Flossaluzitarin .
Time to break out the Joker on your specialized subject.


Can it still be called a “summary” if it’s half-a-dozen words longer than the total of the posts?


What is the difference between an air fryer and a sousaphone?


Technically, yes. It just isn’t a short summary.
Also known as “The German Summary”, but only if it has footnotes as well.


footnotes are very important and relevant in a summary and should always be written in german or in swahili if deutsch is not available.


The marginalia may be bawdy to a certain extent, but no freaky shit.


Both, if it’s long enough.


And then we will have to be able to complete the final stages. We will be in touch with them tomorrow, but we don’t know if we can get them to do that. I sometimes think that I have to be careful, because it’s not like you are the only one who has a point about this issue. Clearly, the problem is not that the car is very expensive. It’s more that the company is going on holiday next week. Thanks!


In their seminal work on the subject, Neither One Can Play the Piano (Knopf, 1968), Gergen and Florsheim frame the problem thusly:

Air fryers and sousaphones inhabit identical spheres of materiality, but retain distinct phenomenological presentations predicated on the multifarious branching of their practical applications in utilitarian spaces. We cannot categorically say that either is unsuited to the ends most often granted to the other, but obvious drawbacks reveal themselves in empirical testing. How then to resolve the question? Does meaning inhere in the objects themselves, or are the objects merely endpoints of the conduit between sousaphonists and sousaphones, air frying cooks and air fryers? Is meaning immanent in the gossamer web of relationships they create?

The lengthy discussion that follows is a genial romp across the philosophical landscape which never quite resolves the question. The reader is left to draw her own conclusions about sousaphones and air fryers; a frustrating result for ontologically-minded enthusiasts of both marching bands and battered food. Perhaps Rankin and Bass, in their article “12 Essential Hot Pot recipes for American Philosophers”, best represent the prevailing critical response when they retort with their signature spleen:

Florsheim and Gergen are illiterate dilettantes and we’re never eating dinner at their house.


in der kürze liegt die würze! *

*(vico von bülow, manchester, juni 1678)




I think you are all forgetting to be angry about this. Because anger is the most important emotion. If you are not angry about this we will all be summarized as sousaphonics because a casual weighing creates impressions thus.

“Air fryers. Kitchen fires. Burn!” - William Patrick Henry


Yes! Anger is an NRG.

We have a rite to our anger. Word is that Anne Gar will bring James to the fire next time.

It’s going to be a mighty bald win!

But between the world and me and you, given that it’s currently the winter of our discontent, we must remember to bring our coates.


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Robert Burns with righteous fury, because he cannot cook worth a damn, and should have stuck to music.


Build Status Actively Maintained


Fnord is a pattern extractor for obfuscated code


Fnord has two main functions:

  1. Extract byte sequences and create some statistics
  2. Use these statistics, combine length, number of occurrences, similarity and keywords to create a YARA rule

1. Statistics

Fnord processes the file with a sliding window of varying size to extract all sequences of with a minimum length -m X (default: 4) up to a maximum length -x X (default: 40). For each length, Fnord will present the most frequently occurring sequences -t X (default: 3) in a table.

Each line in the table contains:

  • Length
  • Number of occurrences
  • Sequence (string)
  • Formatted (ascii/wide/hex)
  • Hex encoded form
  • Entropy

2. YARA Rule Creation

Fnord also generates an experimental YARA rule. During YARA rule creation it will calculate a score based in the length of the sequence and the number of occurrences (length * occurrences). It will then process each sequences by removing all non-letter characters and comparing them with a list of keywords (case-insensitive) to detect sequences that are more interesting than others. Before writing each string to the rule Fnord calculates a Levenshtein distance and skips sequences that are too similar to sequences that have already been integrated in the rule.


One of its legs is both the same.


Sounds like a genuinely garbled speech from TFG.

Anyway, ghafflebette work there.


You bette!

We should all start operating under the guidance of the song that’s stuck in our head right now. The resultant actions might be odd stuff, but Tromp the Chomp and the fucking NY Times won’t even care about our memeversation. After all, the drums of war will summon an attack of the tourons, and soon we’ll be back to chasing unicorns for a bit. Once revived, we can return anew to fighting for workers rights and unions with our commie memes.


Well sped. I antiquity with you completely.