Transgender murder victim stabbed in genitals and set on fire 'not a hate crime'


Don’t forget the sorry-not-sorry right wing apologists who will say that they feel sorry for the victim, not because of the murder, but because she was transgender and “at least ‘his’ nightmare is over now.”


You know what time it is …


I was in that part of Missouri in August. Unfortunately this doesn’t surprise me.


And cut her eyes out.

This kind of “overkill” and targeting of genitals is considered a hallmark of a hate crime against trans women.


Although this isn’t new, the flames of hatred have been fanned up strong by the bellows of an unchained idiot dressed in the garb of a leader. Make no mistake, he truly is a leader of people who need to find a target for their aimless, pointless hate. Sick, he yells, get them out of the military, no special privilege or protection for their kind. So other kids turn on a kid with enough courage to be herself and gouge out her eyes, mutilate genitals and burn the remains. Thank you for showing what leaders can do, you soulless son of a bitch. And fuck you, you sick bastards who take your directions from this carrier of hate. Stick together and pray you never see that crowd of animals coming to gouge out your eyes, to rip your body to shreds
because once that hate is turned onto you, you might have a brief but vivid idea of what your own soul is worth.


Trans people were among the first to be targeted by the Nazis. We were among the first to be targeted by ISIS. It is no surprise that we are among the first to be targeted by the new wave of fascism in the west.

It’s shit like this that leads me to support Antifa. Liberalism (of either kind) is failing to protect us from those who want to kill us.


This does happen in Texas, but it didn’t this time. Hate doesn’t have borders.


Don’t forget victim theft, because the attackers were the real victims.


I expect the Trans Panic defence, which any sane judge would reject and give the murderers a longer sentence as they have not only admitted to the killing but also that they would do it again.


Cabool, Texas Country, Missouri



A hate crime is a crime intended to intimidate a group, 99.999% of whom are not present during the actual commission of the crime.


I’m sad for the victim of this horrible crime and have nothing but loathing for the perpetrators and their actions.

That said, I think that adding ‘hate’ to criminal charges is bogus. If an action is illegal, it should be punished as such. Hate is a motive, not a crime and not an intensifier. Charging it makes us feel better, apparently, but I don’t think it should be illegal per se…

We should be very wary of making thoughts into crimes. Maybe there’s a class of things that wouldn’t be criminal absent hate. If so I’d like to hear about them. In the meantime, let’s punish the act and not the emotion.


You may have heard of such a thing as first degree murder, or perhaps you’ve heard of voluntary and involuntary manslaughter. These different charges/convictions reflect the different intentionalities (thoughts/sequences of thoughts) that preceded and/or accompanied the taking of a life. One’s thoughts already affect what crime you can be charged with, even without considering the possibility of hate crimes.

Hate crimes target not just the victim(s) directly affected, but the larger community which is being targeted/threatened through these victim(s).


What’s worse; Texas County, Missouri, or Missouri Couny, Texas?


This adds special circumstances which leads to a harsher punishment. Yes, murder is murder, but killing someone because they are part of a vulnerable or protected group is worthy of additional punishment.

Seems reasonable to me.


I see a substantive difference between the cases you cite and so-called hate crimes. I know that puts me in a minority.

Hate crimes target not just the victim(s) directly affected, but the larger community which is being targeted/threatened through these victim(s).

They affect the (putative) community but I doubt that, when contemplated and when committed, they’re targeted at anyone but the victim, by and large. Yes, because of their status, but these are (IMO) not well-thought out with wider intimidation as a goal. Effect, not cause.


I see no problem with increasing punishment for the underlying crime based on degree. I do have a problem with creating a class of crimes that centers on thought.

Isn’t this often a huge failing of our criminal justice system? Context matters. Intent matters. Just focusing on outcomes doesn’t address the root causes of social injustice (and makes it harder to apply leniency when indicated).

So look, I’m biased. I admit it. But I truly believe the response to this horrific crime needs to address the real fear transgender people experience.


Adding hate means adding victims. Lots of them.