Transgender tipping point: Laverne Cox on the cover of TIME


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The book is way better.

Maybe BB can celebrate the occasion by refusing to give Calpernia Addams a platform after her latest round of transmisogyny.

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Or even better, maybe we could all celebrate something really good by not attempting to sidetrack the conversation.

I spent much of the first season of Orange is the New Black wondering what kind of visual effects wizardry they employed to show her character in those pre-transition flashbacks before I found out she has an identical twin brother.


May as well tip with the tipping point, I’m saying. If Time can do a spread on Laverne Cox like this, it’s probably time for BB and other outlets, both mainstream (looking at you HuffPo) and queer (looking at you Bilerico), to Do Better too. It would make a pretty big difference for me personally in how comfortable I am here (not that anyone does or should care).

I did a quick search and found nothing that people are complaining about other than that she was thanked by Jared Leto, and that she’s for gay rights. I’m sure it’s a fascinating story, a transgender woman, one whose Army boyfriend was murdered for dating a transgender woman, is this horrible transmisogynistic person who deserves no media attention ever, but…oh, who am I kidding. Seriously?

People are mad about the feature she wrote for Boing Boing, which got a negative response.
Personally, I’m team Calpernia, and certainly team Cox. So awesome.

EDIT: Oops, mixed up Calpernia and Andrea’s writings on the topic. Andrea James wrote the feature linked above. Calpernia’s writing on the same topic is here

Oh, FFS. Wow.

As someone who’s not part of any of those communities…if the idea is to silence anyone who doesn’t agree with current prevailing attitude, it’s not something that works in the long run. I also scratch my head at the efforts to align several disparate groups under one banner, which strikes me as odd. Particularly the notion of making gay men and feminists allies; I’m sure some people can guess why.

I just wish I hadn’t seen this.

Watch the whole set. Lee Pace is not transgender. Acting. My straight-guy little heart is confused as hell right now.

Your straight-guy little heart is confused why?

That look…

If your straight-guy little heart is confused by portrayals of attractive trans women, and you feel the need to share this for no reason, you might have some stuff to work on?

Surely you can’t claim to be perfect. Get off that high horse already.

The actor himself isn’t trans, which I’d said. As a straight guy, armed with the knowledge that this is a man giving that smoldering look, I feel…I don’t know…a bit out of sorts. More like aroused, okay? Apparently it’s wrong for a straight man to feel conflicted about that, and express it. Or not express it in a perfect manner.

Sheesh. I’m thankful you’re polite about it, rather than taking the charming Tumblr “go kill yourself cis scum” approach. So, for that at least, I thank you.

If I had as big of a hangup as you seem to think I have, I simply wouldn’t have shared, same as if I didn’t have a hangup at all. Or I’d be hanging out with these guys:

Jeez. In the future, I’ll go back to not expressing my feelings, like society tells me I’m supposed to do.

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