Translating Homer's Odyssey into limericks

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Most limericks that start with “There was a young man called …” end with a decidedly NSFW punchline.

This is a refreshing bit of wordplay!

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A bit like this?

There once was a girl made her miss-ion

To translate the voyage Odyssian

Now, though Homer is dead

His words dwell in her head

And now she consults a physic-ian.


Asimov had members of his fictional Black Widowers’ Club start to translate the Iliad into limericks:

(they don’t get any further than Book 5)


dilemma 'cause

is a :kissing_smiling_eyes::ok_hand: rhyme

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That’s because the Illiad quickly dissolves into:

dude 1 fought and slew dude 2. dude 3 fought and slew dude 4. dude 1 fought and slew dude 3. dude 5 fought and slew dude 1. dude 6 was driven mad with grief by dude 1’s death, and threw himself off the walls of Troy. dude 5 fought and slew dude 7…etc, etc, etc.

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