Translation: once they learn the truth, techies hate and fear us


Man… 24 months after they learned of our massive, brazen, and almost definitely illegal hacking of their companies’ internal systems(and just about everything else we could get our hands on) and those uppity nerds still haven’t stopped being huffy. Don’t they know that we Look Forward, Not Backward?

There’s just no pleasing some assholes, you’d think that we owed them rule of law or something…


Typical reduction of real topical problems to emotional sensationalism. Security of people’s personal, professional, and network lives need not have anything to do with “hate” nor “fear”. It is simply a matter of evaluating risks and making the best possible decisions.

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The thing reads like a bit of a puff piece. The straw man is “technies don’t want to work with the defense agency!” That’s not really true. What IS true is that they’ve learned they can’t TRUST the defense agency to not be utterly awful. That’s an appropriate response. It’s on the government’s head to make the appropriate steps to regain that trust. And a shiny new building in silicon valley shouldn’t be it, because that’s not a real change in behavior, it’s just a dozen roses from that douchebag that’s been banging your sister. He hasn’t even promised to stop doing the awful thing.


Carter has suggested reforming the military’s personnel system so he can take better advantage of private sector talent.

If they don’t take that question about illegal drugs off the security clearance application (with details, under penalty of perjury) they’re going to keep having a problem. Maybe DoD can get behind legalization after all.

While Carter was speaking at Stanford, the DOD revealed details of a new cyber strategy—the first update since 2011—that calls for 133 teams

Not 1337 teams? They just keep getting it wrong.


Is it national typo day or something?

Like a unemotional stateless meat-bag of logic.

Fixed it (apologies if I overstepped my bounds, @doctorow, but it was driving me bonkers)

“If what we reward in terms of federal moneys are people who have the knack for working with us rather than people who do the best job, that’s a disaster.”

Can people who don’t know how to work with you actually do a good job?
Its a work.

Yeah, techies hate and fear you because that darn Snowden. If only he hadn’t revealed the truth about how you operate, then techies would still love and adore you. The way his statement bends the facts from ‘techies hate and fear WHAT YOU ACTUALLY DO’ into blaming the messenger THAT, THAT is why techies hate and fear you.

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