Transparency - changes to the BBS


Serious question: why not make all the categories other than #boing private until a certain trust level has been reached? (A combination of tenure, involvement, lack of flags, etc.) This makes the non-#boing places not indexable/accessible from the world while only minimally fracturing the community. This gives some semblance of privacy and keeps the riffraff away.


Because the goal of the BBS isn’t to create private discussion spaces. I’m open to a discussion on blocking posting to non-boing topics for a longer period for new users, however.


Then why even have other categories?


The other categories allow people to start threads which isn’t permitted in boing


I may be missing something, but I’m honestly not sure how newer people being able to see the conversations but not being permitted to participate in them improves things. :confused:


I have to admit that this was nice to see again.


Because one of the concerns voiced by those who had access to the lounge was that trolls or others who aren’t interested in being an equal part of the community can disrupt community posts. If we delay “new users” (TL1) from being able to post in community-generated topics, we can at least raise the barrier for indivuduals who intend to disrupt those discussions.


I didn’t say that it did i’m saying that it can and i’ve seen it multiple times in different forums. Also up unti now i didn’t even know there was another forum for only “regulars” so no i didn’t feel excluded or looked down upon because it never entered my awareness.


Just to set things straight, those threads were not set up by BBS staff request.


No, but they were the community doing their part to fulfil directives given by moderators. Reading ALL the threads to find flaggable stuff? Ain’t nobody for time for that.



That’s pretty much exactly what you said would happen.

That’s why no one brought it up. About an hour after you posted the topic opener, everyone who was not locked to TL3 status lost it (which is how some few of us were still getting into the Lounge — those were the few of us (hilariously, mostly people who had been banned at some point and had to be locked to TL3 after the bans ended) who kept TL3).

I kept my yap shut because I didn’t want to lose access to the Lounge until the very last possible minute, but since the Lounge is now locked to TL4, I didn’t see a reason any more to stay silent (although, yeah, now “stripped of the symbol of our identity,” yadda, yadda).

And I think I speak for almost all of us when I say that we admire you for having done so. When I say that most of the ire I’ve seen is targeted towards one person, it’s the truth, and you are certainly not that target.

Just being the one who brought this change forward and took the heat for it was quite a courageous act, and it means a lot to me, and, I’m certain, to many more of us.

I’d hate to see how much worse St. Elsewhere’s Day would have been had you not stepped in and banned @modusoperandi for two weeks, before @jlw could have stepped in and delivered the more draconian ban that he had promised (and later admitted in the Lounge that he would have given).


There were no directives!


No, but to be fair, I’m pretty sure both the Luck Dragon and the Wolf stopped by and said, “Hey, cool idea.”

Not that I can check.


Absolutely, I understand that part (and a need for something along those lines). The confusing point for me is that being able to read and watch people discussing all you want while being banned from joining in until some goal is satisfied just sounds… less than welcoming. Maybe it’s just me, but it sounds like the sort of thing that would be rather unsatisfying.


That’s me conflating “TL3 Status” and “Regular Status”. I apologize for doing that.

Everyone who was a regular, will be one again (though it’s looking like it’ll be a different badge due to Discord limitations, but it’ll still grant a title).

I believe that existing regulars should be recognized. I further believe longstanding users should be recognized and choose a title as well. Beyond that I also think the community should be able to bestow titles as well, but this is all a manual process and I am working as quickly as I can. :slight_smile:


And now you are the first! There will be more. :slight_smile:


I assume that means manually?
Does that mean our original regularization date will be preserved :wink: Mine was a bit before @System when the lounge was without form and the bits hadn’t even coalesced into bytes. :stuck_out_tongue:


LuLz! It’s real. Congrats @Medievalist!


Unfortunately not, because the “regular” badge is a system badge I can’t bestow. I had to create a new one, and currently, manually grant it.


Was just being facetious