Transparency - changes to the BBS


The point is that being in a place “where everybody knows your name” and vice versa is a very different experience than being in a place where you recognize several faces… or none at all.

I’m much more likely to drop my pants (in a conversational sense) in the former than in the latter. And sometimes it’s a profound relief to feel able to shed even one single thin layer of armor.


Country clubs, gated communities, members only bars, etc.

Mrs Howell may have been something in her day but Maryann always seemed cooler to hang out with.


Also because this has been stuck in my head all day:



This is why we can’t have nice things. :unamused:


A substantial part of the reason why the BBS is more civilised than the internet average is because of the actions of the regulars. A substantial part of the reason why the regulars have this impact is due to the sense of community amongst them.

Kill the second, and you risk killing the first.

That sense of community wasn’t due to some meaningless badge graphics; it was about the people and the relationships between them.




Only if certain people choose to misrepresent it that way. To repeat, the discussion was about trolls. Racist, antisemitic, misogynist trolls suitable for banning. There was NEVER any talk of “the masses”.

Apparently in your world fascists can get together and plan their little raids in whatever dank pits they hang out in, but we must do all our organizing in the public square.


The original:


I’m not dismissing your experience as a regular, but mine was different.

Well, the drinking and the funny robes might be superficially similar, but we didn’t actually have the power to keep the metric system down (we were reduced to a last desperate stand in the USA), and as for rigging the Oscars, just try and get any two Regulars to agree on that.


Deadpool for Best Picture!


Damn. You got me there.


OH, can I be Cliff? His level of causing annoyance probably aligns with mine. And I always wanted to be a post man when little.


I was just thinking something along those lines. If you remove part of an ecosystem, the results can be unpredictable. BoingBoing readers come for the front page topics, but stay for the comments. They log on and begin to interact with the other commenters. If they read enough, they become regulars themselves. The regulars come to hang out in the Lounge, but also comment in the open forums. Many of the most prolific, smart and funny participants are in fact regulars, simply because they have found a place that suits them, and they account for a disproportionate percentage of the discussion on the BBS.

Take away any element, and the effects will ripple out through the system.


The more acceptable term these days is posthuman.

I found it once, but I didn’t have the price the shopkeeper asked, and when I returned the store wasn’t there.


How do you know my robe is funny? Can you see into my bathroom?


Not since I lost my 33rd degree Regular status.


…are not typically places that let anyone in who just uses the outside facilities enough. Argue in good faith, man. The algorithm cared not at all who you were or whether you typed with four paws or two hands. Use the BBS enough, you became a Regular, automatically, whether you wanted it or not. How exclusive and elitist is that?


Yeah. What a way for a graven image to go!

But Trader’s World was right next to Big Butter Jesus


It was the university president who made the decision to hand over the airwaves. The station has been on the air since 1977 and was a major force in local and even national independent music. But by pairing with GPB, it allowed Becker to look good to the white middle class who don’t value independent music. What was galling was not even talking to the people who run the station, despite the fact that the airwaves are a public trust, not a private commodity.

I wrote about it in more detail here: